Pharrell Williams Is Ready To Invest In Prefabricated Housing For Detroit

Pharrell Williams is working to bring a neighborhood of prefabricated houses to Detroit

Pharrell Williams may be one of the biggest names in the music industry, but he’s looking to do much more than just give his fans great songs. Recently, Pharrell has decided to partner with a New York based architect, rumored to be Alexander Gorlin, to help bring a new real estate project to the city of Detroit. The duo hopes to secure a plot of unused city real estate, and build a neighborhood of prefabricated homes. Although nothing has been secured as of yet, John Roach, a spokesperson for the Mayor, says, “The city talks to developers all the time.”However, he says, “As a rule we do not comment on potential development projects unless there is an agreement in place.”

But despite the lack of confirmation from the city, others in the area say that they know the plan will come to fruition. Paul Emery, chairman of the North Corktown Neighborhood Association has discussed the venture and says that he has seen some potential plans for the project and says that different types of housing will be included.

The idea of bringing prefabricated homes to the city can be great for residents looking for affordable housing. Because prefabricated homes are built partially or entirely in a warehouse/off site, they can be much cheaper and quicker to construct than traditional homes which require months of human labor. These homes also tend to be more durable than many traditional homes which can provide increased protection during the city’s harsh winters.

Although Pharrell, who is a native of Virginia, may seem like an unlikely person to invest in Detroit real estate, the star has a track record of giving back. Hopefully his new plan will help many of Detroit’s residents, and give the city’s real estate a bit of an extra boost.

(Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images For TheWrap)


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