15 Outdoor Bedrooms Perfect For Summer

dreamy outdoor bedroom

After long days full of working and other responsibilities, most people love to retreat to their bedrooms to recharge. However, with temperatures rising all over the country, many people are trying to spend as much time enjoying the beautiful weather as possible. When it’s nice outside, nobody wants to be cooped up in a house. The good news is that spending time in your bedroom doesn’t necessarily have to mean being trapped in the house. In fact, it could possibly mean the exact opposite. Even though most people’s ideas of sleeping outside consists of tents and sleeping bags, these outdoor bedrooms aren’t anywhere close to roughing it.

All of those memories you had of struggling to sleep comfortably while camping are officially about to be a thing of the past. Borrowing many of the comfortable touches that we’re all used to, these incredible outdoor spaces can help make your summer nights extra special. From backyards to beautiful waterfronts, outdoor bedrooms can be perfect for almost any type of setting. If you’re looking to spend an evening under the stars, you might as well do it like this. When nature and home design come together, the results can be priceless.

Here are 15 outdoor bedrooms perfect for summer.

outdoor cave bedroom

image via wowamazing.com

outdoor bedroom design

image via freshhousee.com

simple outdoor bedroom

image via www.luxuryaccommodationsblog.com

outdoor bedroom by the water

image via www.adoseofthedelightful.com

outdoor bedroom with bathtub

image via partybuzz.co

outdoor hotel bedroom

image via www.dailymail.co.uk

luxurious outdoor bedroom set up

image via jetsetter.com

outdoor master bedroom

image via dwell.com

outdoor bedroom with forest view

image via scottdunn.com

outdoor bedroom with city view

image via zaila.us

white bed near beach

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contemporary outdoor bedroom

image via www.chaewebdesign.com

elevated outdoor bedroom

image via asiabesthotels.wordpress.com

full bedroom outside

image via babble.com

desert outdoor bedroom

image via namibian.org

lead image via digsdigs.com


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