20 Awesome Modular Sectional Sofa Designs

long white leather sectional sofa

If you’re in the process of thinking of ways to redesign your living space, looking into a modular sectional sofa may be a step in the right direction. These incredible pieces of furniture offer versatility and style to rooms of all sizes. In fact, multi-piece sectional sofas can even be rearranged to your satisfaction. Whether you’re interesting in cloth or leather material, bright or neutral colors, there is a sectional sofa out there that would look amazing in your living room. If you love to entertain, or simply just hang out on the couch, having a sectional sofa will provide you with plenty of space. Being a couch potato just got a lot easier thanks to these sofas. Here are 20 awesome modular sectional sofa designs.

1. Cool gray Modular Sofa

gray modular sofa

Gray can be a great color for any room, and this simple modular sectional sofa has a design that is great for a casual and laid back space.

image via www.furnisholog.net

2.  White B&B Italia Sectional Sofa


One of the best things about white is that it can go great with any color scheme. If you feel like adding a little extra flair, this lovely white sectional sofa can be spruced up a bit with the use of colorful pillows.

image via http://www.motiqonline.com

3. Alice Modular Fabric Sofa

Alice modular fabric sofa

This colorful modular sectional sofa is all about playing with different colors and patterns. If you love experimenting and adding a little fun to your living room design, this could be the perfect addition.

image via houzz.com

4. Mona Modular Sectional Sofa

contemporary sectional sofa

Who says all couches have to look the same? This design takes an interesting approach by creating a somewhat double deckered look.

image via foter.com

5. Arianne Modeler Sectional Sofa By Fama

multi colored modular sectional sofa

Light colors can often be warm and inviting, and this beautiful sectional sofa is proof. This design also features two over sized ottomans that make for an even more comfortable experience.

image via www.cadomodern.com

6. Angelo Modular Sofa

contemporary sectional sofa

This unique sofa will definitely set your living room apart from the rest, and it’s great for anyone looking to achieve a simple modern look.

image via pixgood.com

7. Baxton Studio Alcoa Modular Modern Sectional Sofa

Baxton Studio Alcoa Gray Fabric Modular Modern Sectional Sofa

This clean-looking dark gray fabric adds a mature and sophisticated vibe while maintaining a relaxing look.

image via ifurn.com

8. Divani Casa Forte Modern Modular Fabric Sectional Sofa

Divani Casa Forte Modern Modular Fabric Sectional Sofa -

If you want to go with a creative and uncommon design, this sofa will give you exactly what you need. Although you’ll never a considerable amount of space for this piece of furniture, it’s worth every inch.

image via totallyfurniture.com

9. Modern 7-Piece Sectional Sofa

7 piece sectional sofa

This 7-piece sofa is makes great use of a striped design, and looks great with bright pillows.

image via decoist.com

10.  Zebrano Sectional Sofa

Stylish Cloth Sectional Sofa

Although some people prefer leather, cloth sofas can also be beautiful and this gray sectional is proof. If you’re going for a simple, but interesting look, this sofa has just what you need.

image via www.classicalist.org

11. Cloud White Modular Sectional Sofa

Cloud White Modular Sectional Sofa

White furniture can be a little difficult to keep clean. However, it can be absolutely stunning to look at.

image via romdecor.com

12. International Design USA Fawn 7 Piece Sectional

International Design USA Fawn 7 piece Sectional

There’s a good chance that you’ve never seen a sofa like this, and this incredibly creative design will definitely make you do a double take.

image via homestratosphere.com

13. Oversized Modular Sectional Sofa

oversized sectional sofa

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys laying around on the couch and enjoying your favorite movies, this bed-like sofa is just what you need. Leaving the couch will become even more difficult with one of these in your living room.

image via effexorpharm.com

14. L Shaped Black Leather Sectional Sofa 

classic black leather sofa

Nothing can complete with classic black leather, and this sleek sofa is all about keeping it simple while still keeping it stylish.

image via www.inclinterior.com

15. Keaton Collection Midnight Blue Sectional Sofa

Keaton Collection Midnight Blue Sectional Sofa

This dark blue sofa is elegant and simple, and the use of yellow pillow provides a really nice contrast. If you want to break away from the typical colors, but don’t want to experiment too much, this shade of blue does the trick.

image via www.ambfurniture.com

16. Viesso Modern Sectional Sofa

bamboo sofa by viesso

This minimalist sofa has a beautiful wooden base that looks great combined with the bright red cushions.

image via www.motiqonline.com

17.  4 Piece Beige Leather Modular Sectional Sofa

4 Piece Beige Leather Modular Sectional Sofa

This circular-style sofa ventures away from the traditional shape to create something that is unique and sleek.

image via www.furnituredepot.com

18. Two-Toned Leather And Cloth Sectional Sofa

green and tan sectional sofa

Green isn’t a color that you see very often when it comes to living room furniture. However, when used correctly, it can blend in perfectly.

image via www.sofass.website

19.Oi Furniture Cellular Colourscape Flying V

Oi Furniture Cellular Colourscape Flying V

Almost like something out of a child’s imagination, this sofa is probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen. If you’re all about having the freedom to change, this sectional will certainly appeal to you. Not only can the blocks be rearranged to give you the design you want, but the colors can also be customized as well.

image via wayfair.com

20. Sleek Leather Light Gray Sectional Sofa

light gray leather sofa

No matter what your favorite sitting position is, this cool leather sofa has something to offer everyone. Sometimes it is possible to get all of the things you want.

image via intotos.com

lead image via zillow.com


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