New York Hotelier Looking To Bring Change To The Los Angeles CA Cecil Hotel

Modern day Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles CA

Whether they like to admit it or not, most people do get a little creeped out when they learn that a place is ‘haunted.’ After all, it’s usually better to err on the side of caution, and for lots of people, this means simply playing it safe by avoiding any place that has been the site of several super natural occurrences. With that being said, it should come as no surprise that Los Angeles CA’s Cecil Hotel has become somewhat of a real estate grave yard. Although it was originally intended to be a high-end hotel, during the 50s, less than 30 years after it was built, it had become a hot bed for murders and other criminals.

The hotel, which has gained since a reputation for being scary — and downright seedy — is so full of spooky speculation that this season of FX’s American Horror story is actually based on the hotel. But while The Cecil may be getting attention from Hollywood, years of strange happenings have made it impossible for the property to function long-term.

Old picture of the cecil hotel in Los Angeles CA

However, it looks like a New York hotelier is hoping that he can bring some of his east coast success to the city of Los Angeles CA. Richard Born hopes to bring The Cecil back to the forefront by making it a top of the piece of real estate. According to reports, Born plans to transform the old hotel into “reasonably priced residences catering to young professionals.” Born plans to wait another two years before putting his plan into action, and says that he plans on bringing new amenities to the space which will make his idea of charging $150 a night seem a little more reasonable.

For now, The Cecil Hotel is operating as a low-budget hotel called the Stay on Main, and only time will tell if Born is really able to help the old hotel return to its glory days.


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