New Smartphone App Can Connect You With A Real Estate Agent

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Being a real estate agent definitely comes with its perks, but selling property isn’t always a glamorous gig. The process for buyers isn’t always seamless either. Sure, most people have their dream home in mind, but reality usually sets in pretty quickly once they see what they can actually afford. However, a new tech company has designed an app that aims to bridge the gap between potential buyers and real estate agents. The app, RoostWise, has been described as a “mobile-first real estate brokerage platform.” Once users download the app (which is currently only available for iPhones and iPads), they can choose a property they like, and be connected with a real estate agent, a lender, or another professional in just a matter of minutes. The app guarantees a response within five minutes, and also promises its users that they will be able to see more listings than they would by using another service. One of the greatest things about the app; however, is that it follows future home owners throughout the entire buying process. Users will have access to much-needed support all the way through, and hopefully make the experience of buying a home more positive.

According to RootWise’s founder, Ted Worth, “Everyone has seen how technology has changed the way services are offered in many industries. From the financial industry and buying and selling stock, to the travel industry. In our industry, websites like and Zillow have transformed the way people look to buy homes, but no one has taken it and said, ‘What happens after someone is engaged in the process of buying a home and they want to go to the next step?'” However, aside from following users through the entire process, it also provides them with quick and easy information and useful buying tips. For those who are looking into purchasing a home, but are finding themselves intimidated by the whole process, RoostWise could be everything you need.

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