Phoenix Arizona Introducing Shipping Container Apartments

Shipping container apartment building in Phoenix Arizona

Over the years, Phoenix Arizona has become a very popular location for tourists and people looking to relocate. The warm weather and friendly environment have made this desert destination very appealing, and it looks like Phoenix has just gained another pretty awesome perk. Recently, the city has decided to put a twist on an increasingly popular trend, and has introduced a shipping container apartment building. During the last several years, shipping containers have proven to be very cost and energy-efficient for single family homes, and now developers are trying their luck with these larger structures. The building, which is located in downtown Phoenix, is unlike any other complex in all of Arizona. Comprised of 16 shipping containers the building contains eight 740 square-foot one bedroom apartment units.

The apartments will be available for rent starting December 28 and will cost $1,000 per month. According to the project’s architect, Wesley James, that price is right around the going rate for other apartments in the area. Developers have worked to bring each unit up to code, and create a stylish design. Although many people have reservations about renting an apartment that is made from a shipping container, once you’re inside of the unit it’s easy to forget that it is not in a traditional style building. For those in Phoenix Arizona looking for a trendy and unique place to live, this building might be exactly what you need. Take a look at these photos of this shipping container apartment building in Phoenix Arizona.

Inside of shipping container apartment in Phoenix Arizona

living room inside shipping container apartment in Phoenix Arizona

Fresh interior of shipping container apartment in Phoenix Arizona


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