New App Can Control Your Entire Smart Home Without Any Hardware

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Controlling your home from the touch of a button has become an increasing demand for a number of property owners.  From lighting to computers, to televisions, it’s becoming easier to control every single facet of your home electronically.  Now it’s becoming even easier as one new tech company Yonomi (a slant-homonym of sorts for “you know me”) is taking things a step further.  The company aims to getall the smart home gadgetry homeowners have purchased, from WiFi-enabled audio systems to lights and locks, to communicate. What sets Yonomi apart from the many other companies attempting similar feats of technological diplomacy, says its Denver, Colorado-based CEO, Kent Dixon, is that it’s just an app.

“Nearly all of the other companies out there are providing a piece of hardware” to act as a ‘hub’ for all of a user’s devices, Dixon says, by way of expressing some incredulity at the state of the Internet of Things. “We thought that was a fine solution for early adopters and for home automation geeks, but it’s really not a solution for the mass market.”

Well, not so fast.  If everyone, including the geek population got wind of this technology they very well may jump on board.    However, there are some limitations.  Not all homeowners have the components of their tech systems installed all at once. Instead, they purchase things piecemeal: a WiFi-enabled sound system here, a thermostat there, etc etc.

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Do you think that the average homeowner will find themselves living with automated sequences that can do things like open shades, start the coffee maker,  or turn on the news in the morning?

“When you look at everyday use products like thermostats or door locks, there will soon be a time when you won’t be able to buy one of those things that isn’t wirelessly communicating,” Dixon says. “When the price comes down, and the technology and reliability improves enough, it absolutely will happen.”

Time will tell but it seems that Yonomi is bringing us one step closer.

Written by Brian McCaw

Brian is a lover of all things real estate including photography, architecture, news, and so much more.