The 20 Most Bro-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

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When you think of the many cities in the U.S., the first thing that comes to your mind probably doesn’t have anything to do with how bro-friendly they are. However, for lots of people, particularly bros, all over the country, finding the bro-iest city is pretty high on the priority list. After all, the whole idea of bro culture is actually becoming a big deal, but even with that being said, some cities still aren’t very bro-friendly. However, there are still plenty of ‘sweet’ options for all of the bros out there, and the people who love them. So if you’ve got a bro in your life, or better yet, if you are a bro, you’ll definitely want to see this. Here are the 20 most bro-friendly cities in the U.S.

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hobbit house in pennsylvania

Bethlehem, PA

You’ve probably never heard of Bethlehem, PA (unless of course you’re a hard-core bro) but it’s definitely one of the bro-friendliest cities in the county. In fact, Bethlehem is so big on bros that a high school student had to be hospitalized after being over exposed to Axe body spray. Hopefully the scent was worth risking his life.

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Disney castle opening


Orlando may be the home of some of the greatest theme parks in the world, but it’s also one of the most bro-friendly cities in the country. The city’s University of Central Florida is a huge party school, and it should go without saying that it definitely attracts all the bros who love getting their tan on in the warm southern sun.

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Mississippi traffic

Oxford, MS

The state of Mississippi is known for a lot of things, and you probably never thought that having one of the most bro-friendly cities would be one of them. However, as the home of Ole Miss, Oxford welcomes countless bros each year, and the Princeton Review ranked the historical school the 3rd best party school in the country.

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Durham, NC

As usual, where there’s a huge party school, there are plenty of bros. Thanks to Duke University, Durham has become a hot bed for bros. However, unlike some other places, Duke isn’t ashamed of the fact that it’s helped make Durham one of the most bro-friendly cities. In fact, Duke once had a news paper column called Gossip Bro.

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People surfing in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA

Let’s be real, you knew it was only a matter of time before you saw a city from California on this list. The city of Santa Barbara holds true to the California bro stereotype, and the streets are almost lined with bros. Like most bros, those living (or attending school) in Santa Barbara definitely like to go out and party until the sun comes up.

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New Haven's Yale University

New Haven, CT

It may be a little hard to believe that the home of one of the best Ivy League schools in the country is one of the most bro-friendly cities, but if you’ve ever been to New Haven you know that it’s a place full of surprises. Although the entire state of Connecticut has a pretty decent sized bro population, there’s something about New Haven that just attracts these guys in especially high numbers.

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Austin during SXSW


Not only i everything bigger in Texas, but apparently it’s bro-ier as well. The city of Austin may be all about keeping things weird, but it’s careful not to be so weird that it scares away the bros. As the home to the University of Texas, Austin is full of sports loving bros who just can’t get enough of supporting their favorite teams.

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Sky view of the city of Boulder

Boulder, CO

If there’s one thing bros can’t get enough of, it’s enjoying expensive activities. With that being said, a place with plenty of great ski slopes is always bound to attract the adventurous bros. However, even those who don’t enjoy sliding down the slopes can find something else to get into in the city, especially if they’re students at the University of Colorado.

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the cast of Jersey Shore

Seaside Heights, NJ

Two words: Jersey Shore. That’s right, the city of Seaside Heights has the beloved reality show to thank for opening the world’s eyes to its intense bro culture. From the beach to the boardwalk, there are literally shirtless bros walking around everywhere, and most of these guys have absolutely no shame in their game. This might be the one place where “gym, tan, laundry” is still a thing. At this point, there’s probably nothing that can be done to change the city’s reputation.

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View of the U.S. capital building in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. 

You probably expected a lot more from the nation’s capital, but it turns out it’s no better than the rest of the bro-friendly cities on this list. While Washington definitely has plenty of redeeming qualities to make up for its bro-ness, the city is full of young professionals that are hoping to get their careers off the ground.  While a bro is still a bro, at least these ones have jobs!

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Man Jogging up the stairs

State College, PA

As a small college town, State College has definitely become a bro-hive. Penn State alone makes State College the perfect place for a bro, and this is one place where bros never have to feel confined – they can literally run the entire city.

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Competitive Eaters Face Off In Annual "Wing Bowl"

Gainesville, FL

What could be better than a bro with a little bit of southern charm? Exactly. Although Florida has a reputation for being the perfect retirement spot, Gainesville has an unusually high number of young adults, and the city is perfect for just kicking back and enjoying the company of a few of your favorite bros.

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Fans at Arizona state University

Tempe, AZ

The desert may not seem like a good place for bro-friendly cities, but apparently, these dudes love the heat too. Boasting the largest university in the country (Arizona State), the city of Tempe is literally overflowing with a bunch of fun loving bros. After all, what bro wouldn’t love unlimited tanning, plenty of pools, and lots of attractive college age girls.

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Man modeling with sunglasses

Columbus, OH

Midwestern bros need love too, and with that, Columbus finds its way on the list of most bro-friendly cities. While Columbus may seem like an unlikely place to breed bros, it’s actually a great place for a bro to be. Located near the Abercrombie and Fitch headquarter, the inventor of the intense alcohol/energy drink, Four Loko, attended college in Columbus.

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highway leading into providence

Providence, RI

With its beaches and cool east coast vibe, Providence, might be the bros best kept secret. Although people may not think of it as one of the most bro-friendly cities, Providence, has lots of bars and even more college students.

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View of downtown Portland

Portland, OR

Portland is a great city for almost everyone, so it shouldn’t be much of a shocker that it also has a pretty bro-friendly atmosphere. The best part of Portland; however, is that it offers a little something for every kind of bro. There’s plenty of nightlife for those who like to go out, and plenty of out activities for those who enjoy nature.

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View of Chicago from the water


The Windy City gladly embraces the fact that its bro culture is on the rise, and there is even a popular MeetUp group in the city called BroClub. However, if things in the city get too hectic, there are plenty of nearby suburbs for bros to enjoy – making Chicago a great location. But one thing’s for sure, bros in Chicago better bundle up!

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Hollywood Sign Repainting Project Completed With LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is not only the most bro-friendly of cities, but it may also be the birth place of bros. Think about it, who could resist the great weather and the beautiful beaches? After all, that’s the perfect combination for showing off a perfectly chiseled bro bod and getting all the girls. Los Angeles has always been known for its crazy number of bros, and it doesn’t seem the culture will be changing any time soon.

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