Monster Truck Does Insane Double Backflip Surrounded by Fire and Screams in Foxborough


I can tell you that as a North Easterner, my experience with monster trucks has been limited.  However, my one experience going was down in New Orleans and all I’ve got is one word (and you have to imagine it in the most Southern drawl possible):  AWESOME.  Just a bunch of crazy, screaming fans basically out for explosions, flips, and accidents.  And surely enough, that’s all we got.  Back when I went it was Gravedigger who provided all the entertainment.

Looks like in the past decade these shows have really stepped it up.  Take this video for example. This was at the Monster Jam earlier this month in Foxborough, Mass., and it’s a trick that gets attempted pretty frequently at events like these.  Since the trick is practically impossible, a twisting landing like the one below is about as clean an execution as you’ll find.  Great backflip.  Actually two flips.  Great fire.  Amazing action.  This my friends, is monster trucking.


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