Modern House in Brazil by Studio Guilherme Torres


When most people travel to various places they’re not very familiar with, seeing beautiful sights is as the top of their priority list. Each year, people flock to tourist attractions all over the world in hopes of seeing something that will blow them away.  Whether it be a park or some sort of historical building, people love seeing things from other parts of the world. However, one thing most people don’t often consider going out of their way to look out is houses. Think about it, when is the last time you went somewhere and actually paid attention to the houses? Yeah, probably not something you do very often. Although most people love to see beautiful houses, this modern Brazilian home by Studio Guilherme Torres is about to remind everyone that houses can be some of the most incredible sights to see. Known as the PV House, the home is located in Brazil and was created with entertainment in mind.

Featuring an open and spacious floor plan great for hosting friends and family, the PV House comes together nicely to present a look that is welcoming and classy.  Thanks to its minimalist design and beautiful colors, this home is definitely worth seeing. With houses like this out there to see, you may have to make a few more stops on your next vacation. Check out these photos of the PV House in Brazil by Studio Guilherme Torres.

PV-House-by-Studio-Guilherme-Torres PV-House-by-Studio-Guilherme-Torres-1 PV-House-by-Studio-Guilherme-Torres-2 PV-House-by-Studio-Guilherme-Torres-3 PV-House-by-Studio-Guilherme-Torres-4



PV-House-by-Studio-Guilherme-Torres-7 PV-House-by-Studio-Guilherme-Torres-6 PV-House-by-Studio-Guilherme-Torres-5


PV-House-by-Studio-Guilherme-Torres-13 PV-House-by-Studio-Guilherme-Torres-12 PV-House-by-Studio-Guilherme-Torres-11

Photos by Studio Guilherme Torres


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