Melissa Wood Terpperberg’s Must-Try Booty Sculpting Exercises


A well-defined, sculpted booty isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also a sign of strength and power. Incorporating these exercises is essential for obtaining a peachy posterior. Fitness expert Melissa Wood-Tepperberg recommends the following moves. While performing the activities below, begin by getting on all fours.

Back Leg Stretches

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Start by extending your hands forward to stretch your back. Raise one leg towards the wall behind, begin small upward pulses, then lower it down. This technique will add that lift to your buttocks and improve posture by supporting the spine and pelvis.

Touching Your Knee to Your Elbow


A simple yet effective routine to get a toned buttock, lower your left forearm, and position your right hand beside it. Twist your upper body slightly on your right side. Stretch your right leg backward, then draw it back, aiming to meet your knee with your right elbow.

Pushing Your Knees to Your Chest


While kneeling, hold your arms forward and raise one leg upwards and backward. Then, pull your leg towards your chest and lift your upper body over your hands. Finally, move your leg outwards.

Simple Donkey Kicks


Place your elbows beneath your shoulders, assuming a forearm plank stance. Push your limb towards the ceiling with a 90-degree bend. Then, return to your original pose. Strengthening these muscles can improve performance in running, jumping, and squatting.

An Add To The Traditional Donkey Kick

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As the name suggests, this one extends your traditional donkey kick. Once in the appropriate position, lift one leg above the ground instead of keeping the knee bent at a right angle and the sole facing the ceiling.


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