Making Personal Connections Might Be The Secret To Real Estate

realtor working with client

For many real estate agents, making a sale is the end goal and the motivation. After all, in jobs where what you make is based on how well you perform, it’s easy to get tunnel vision and focus solely on the money. However, one realtor has taken the time to reflect on her career, and came to a very honest conclusion, “it’s not all about the numbers.” That’s right, according to Shawnia Meuser, there’s much more to real estate than making money, and the sooner other realtors realize this, the sooner they might be able to relieve some of the stress and pressure that comes with constantly trying to sell properties. Meuser says that while money is great, her most rewarding moments haven’t been attached to dollar signs.

According to Meuser, “One of the highest compliments I’ve ever been paid didn’t come from a luxury homebuyer, another broker or a happy seller whose home sold for more than they thought possible.” Meuser continues, “It came from the buyer of a $25,000 Housing and Urban Development (HUD) home. After closing, the buyer said to me, “I want to thank you for helping me. Throughout this long process, I had a hard time finding an agent willing to work with such a low purchase amount. You’ve treated me this whole time like I was buying a half million dollar house, instead of a $25,000 house, and I appreciate it.” While making real personal connections is something that many realtors probably don’t stop to think about very often, it could be the key to not only making their jobs more enjoyable, but also becoming more successful. After all, for buyers, feeling like they’re working with an agent they can connect will definitely make them more confident in making such a large purchase.

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