The Top Ideas to Help You Effortlessly Keep Your Home Clean

Keeping the home clean seems like a daily task that never seems to end. When you get one load of clothes washed, there is another that is dirty and needs to be done. After you wash your dishes, someone puts a dirty cup in the sink and the pile starts up again. There are toys on the floor and papers that find their way to the area beside the trash can. If you are like most families, it’s easy to get caught up in the typical daily activities of school and work with little attention given to keeping the home clean. Here are some ideas that you can use to keep the home as clean as possible in a short time.

Basket System

For this idea, you need a basket for each room. Any time that there is clutter on a table in the home, you will sweep it off into a basket to sort through. The items would then be put in their appropriate baskets to be delivered to each room in the home. This makes it easier to keep surfaces clean while teaching others in the home about responsibility. This also works if you find items on the floor and know which room they go in, simply putting everything together for the owner of the room to deal with. It’s also a good idea to keep a basket near the front and back doors so that shoes can be put in there to dry off after a rainy day or if you have a no shoe rule in your home.


Families with pets and younger children often themselves having to vacuum all the time. However, this task could be made easier if they were to have a central vacuum system built into their home. It is connected throughout your home with various plugs that all you have to do is attach a tube to when you choose to clean that area of the house. This definitely makes the whole process easier, and so you don’t have to keep lugging around a heavy vacuum as you clean. All you need are the attachments and you’re set. See, practically effortless!

Trash Cans

Everyone knows that trash cans can get full in no time, and then it becomes a fight of who has to empty them. Some people, though, keep only one trash can in the kitchen and maybe one in the bathrooms. However, this makes it so that trash piles up faster. To help, make sure that you have small trash cans throughout your house—in the bedrooms, the garage, living areas, etc. For the bedrooms, whoever lives in there should be the one in charge of emptying their can. This way, taking out the trash isn’t such a chore for whoever is assigned to do it.  When the smaller cans are full, it is the owner’s responsibility to empty them.

Make the Beds

This idea seems like something that everyone does, right? Well, you’d be surprised to find out that there are a lot of people who don’t make their beds. So make sure that you get into the routine of making the beds every morning. Yes, this is something that you should be doing every day! It’ll make your home look more comfortable as well as tidier. While you do this, make sure to check to see if any of the sheets or blankets need to be washed and put on fresh linens when necessary. However, if making your bed seems like too big of a task for you, then you can make it easier by having less bedding on your bed. Keep to just one or two pillows, a sheet, and a blanket. You can add more as the weather gets colder, but the less bedding you have, then the less challenging making your bed will be.


One of the easiest things that you can do to keep the house cleaner is to hide the laundry hamper. Put it in a closet or even in a cabinet if there’s room for one inside. This will help to keep the house from looking cluttered.  To help you hide the hamper, you may want to consider getting a retractable mesh hamper instead of one of the traditional bulky plastic ones.

Refrigerator Cleaning

Each week, take the time to clean the refrigerator doors and to get rid of the items that are expired or simply old inside the refrigerator. Make sure to take note of all of the items you’re throwing out so that you can replace them if you need to. If you’re throwing food out of containers, don’t put it down the kitchen drain. Instead, put it in a small trash bag that you can take directly to a dumpster or the bins you keep outside. This way, you can prevent any clogs from happening in your sink and allow the stench to be entirely removed from your home.

Keeping the house clean can be much easier if you take the time to organize and get things straight through the week. By setting up a system now, you’ll save you the stress later on.



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