San Francisco Family Builds Prefab Dream House

outside of prefab home

It’s no secret that purchasing a home is a very expensive investment – especially in a place like San Francisco. In fact, in many cases, the house hunt serves as a painful reminder that most people’s dream house is slightly out of reach, and this is a lesson that one family learned the hard way. After showering their local San Francisco area for an affordable modern home, the Munday family quickly realized that there simply wasn’t anything in their price range. However, the Mundays refused to give up, and decided to take a different approach in the search for their perfect home. After reading an article about Connect Homes, Sara Munday became very interested in the idea of a prefabricated home. Connect Homes, which was founded by architects, Gordon Stott and Jared Levy, is all about streamlining the prefab home process to design and build more affordable units. According to Stott, “We can now offer [a prefab home] at half the price and in a third of the time you’d spend building a home the old-fashioned way.”

Sara instantly began to wonder if the guys at Connect Homes could construct a house, and she and her husband immediately began looking at open lots. “Gordon and Jared came up from Los Angeles and looked at the site with us, and they told us it could work on the land and in our budget,” says Sara. After getting the proper permits and permissions, the project was underway. The Mundays were able to put a lot input into the process to help Stott and Levy understand what they envisioned for the home. When the project was complete, the Mundays were incredibly pleased with the end result which included a 2,650 square-foot main house, and a 640 square-foot guest house.  What impressed the Mundays more than anything; however, was the price. The entire project costed the couple just under $850k, which is less than what they would have spent by taking a more traditional route. According to Sara, they are happy with their decision. Although the family had to relocate outside of San Francisco to more suburban Orinda, Sara says, “In a sense, we have the best of both worlds. We have a modern home and a small-town feel.”

Take a look at the photos to see the Munday’s modern dream house.

shipping containers for prefab homebefore picture of prefab homemodern prefab home near san francisco casual sitting area casual library area modern luxurious bathroom beautiful bedroom with large windows living room with open floor plan formal dining area in modern prefab home luxurious kitchen in modern prefab kitchen outside of modern prefab home near san francisco outside of modern prefab home near san francisco aerial view of living area living area with hardwood flooring

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