Landlords Not Happy With Barrage Of Packages During The Holiday Season

Busiest Day for U.S. Postal Service

With Christmas quickly approaching, package delivery is at an all-time high. While many people are busy online shopping, those who can’t travel home for the holidays are also putting packages in the mail with the hopes of having their loved ones receive the items before Christmas day. But while the ability to ship packages may seem like a convenience for most people, landlords aren’t exactly as excited about the process. In fact, some landlords have found themselves so overwhelmed with packages that they’ve been looking for alternate solutions to help gets packages delivered in a safe and timely manner. One property in Alexandria, VA has even gone as far as purchasing a high-tech locker system that allows delivery men to use an iPad driven system to secure place packages into personalized lockers. According to the community director at this location, “We were overwhelmed with the package deliveries, so we decided to look at all the options that were available.”

However, it looks like the holiday season isn’t the only time of year that landlords and property managers are forced to deal with an onslaught of packages. A typical apartment complex receives approximately 100 packages a week, a number that typically more than doubles during this time of year. As a result, many apartment communities are really working towards ways to make deal with the high package value without damaging the service their tenants receive. After all, no building wants to be held responsible for lost or stolen items.

In fact, some property management companies have refused to accept packages all together. Instead, tenants can opt to have packages delivered directly to their doors – which in buildings with high security, doesn’t seem to be an issue. But while the way a building handles package deliveries isn’t typically a deciding factor in whether or not a tenant will sign a lease, those who are hoping that their items can be delivered right to the front desk of leasing office may find that this is becoming increasingly harder to find.

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