The “Krupina Project” by Interior Design Firm Neopolis


Located in the small Slovakian town of Krupina, the “Krupina Project” was created by the well-known interior design form, Neopolis. Since being founded in 2008, Neopolis, “has been devoted to one goal above all others: creating unique world-class interiors which are not only beautiful but in which you will live a happy and harmonious life.”  With their fantastic “Krupina Project” Neopolis has definitely hit the nail on the head.  The home, which features an attractive modern design, boasts plenty of space and a very lavish interior.  The entire house features all of the big and small details that show it was designed with a lot of thought and effort.  According to the description, “The materials used in the project are expansive. From the use of contrasting marble flooring in the living room to gorgeous wooden doors and exposed brick in several of the bedrooms, you can see that each one was chosen with care.”

Split into multiple levels, the home presents a welcoming layout that will wow each person who walks through its doors.  With the perfect design, the house is able to be captivating without ever being distracting, and the calm color scheme was definitely a wonderful choice. Doubling as both a great place to live and a great place to entertain, Neopolis’ “Krupina Project” is one of the most amazing homes of its kind.  It’s not every day you see an incredible house like this. Take a look at these pictures to see all of the beautiful things this home has to offer.

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images via Neopolis


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