Is Your Plumbing Getting in the Way of Your Home Renovation?

Home renovations can be exciting, but this task can also come with a few issues. The problems could even cause some couples to fight over something as simple as design. Most experts recommend that couples settle this issue by simply choosing a room that they are going to have complete control over, but one issue that is not so easy to solve is a plumbing problem. The following should help you deal with this issue so that this renovation goes as smoothly as possible.

Up to Code

In older towns like Heber City, plumbing can be pretty outdated. One problem that hits homeowners who are trying to renovate their homes is that the piping is not up to code. This usually happens because the piping was installed a long time ago, and the material is no longer permitted. The piping material that you want your plumber to look out for is polybutylene.

Of course, this material or different grades of the material have not been banned in every region of the country, but your plumber should be aware of the code regarding these kinds of plastic pipes. This is an expense that you should know about before you start your renovations so that you are not caught by surprise.

Old Pipe Problem

Cast-iron is perhaps one of the most popular materials to use for plumbing, but it can be deceiving as cast iron pipes tend to rot from the inside out. This means the pipe could look perfectly fine when it is actually ready to burst at any moment, which could make your renovation project a complete headache, especially if you are almost done renovating.

You want to make sure that your plumber checks to make sure that all pipes are thoroughly inspected for deterioration. This can be easily done by hitting the pipes with a heavy tool like a wrench. What you are listening for is a change in the frequency, which usually means the material is thinning.

New Design Woes

When updating a bathroom or kitchen, you might change the position of faucets or other plumbing appliances. This means the piping behind the walls may no longer be able to serve their purpose. You will have to talk to your plumber about another project you will need to complete before continuing the renovation project.

Your plumber will not only have to close drains that will not be used but also maneuver new pipes to make sure they accommodate your needs. Be sure that your decision on the design is final when you get to this step in your plans.

Old Plumbing, New Plumbing

Another problem that some homeowners face is the plumber refuses to take the job. This usually happens because of liability issues, which is usually linked to your insistence on keeping older plumbing but replacing other areas. The reason the plumber does not want the job is because he or she might be liable for any issues that occur due to the older piping.



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