Is Getting Your Real Estate License Worth It?

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To most people, working in real estate seems like pretty easy money. After all, how hard can it be to drive around and show people their dream homes? However, what many fail to realize is that working in real estate is often a difficult and thankless job. One real estate agent, Debbie Biery, recently recounted her experience getting into the industry, and the ups and downs she has experienced since. According to Biery, “Being a real estate agent is like being a superhero on a roller coaster ride. The ups and downs, the victories and disappointments, the time, energy and commitment of being an agent can be draining.” However, she also notes that being an agent is also a very rewarding experience. With that being said, Biery believes that every person entering the industry should approach is like a super hero, and she has some very useful tips for anyone who is thinking about making the plunge.

“There’s something for everyone in real estate.”

Biery believes that the real estate world has something to offer everyone, but just like anything else, it’s all about finding your niche. As a real estate agent, there will be plenty of long days and off the clock hours that may not even result in a sale. However, determining what you’re good at can help you on the path to success. The key in this business is to be ready for all the curve balls that are going to get thrown at you, and making sure you’re ready to go above and beyond.

“Be ethical, honest and set an example for those around you.”

Although there may be a perception that real estate agents can be sneaky and misleading in order to get sales, Biery believes that honesty is the best policy. According to Biery, “You must always be diligent in your dealings and always take the high road. Be ethical, honest and set an example for those around you.” Biery encourages new agents to find an experienced mentor, and learn everything they can about operating like a business. Although the real estate industry offers lots of flexibility, Biery also notes that it is important to go into each day organized and prepared.

“There’s a lot of work. Learning and preparation that goes into being successful – it’s worth it.”

Diary’s last piece of advice is simple and to the point: “I think if you are willing to approach your career like a superhero and focus on creating your niche — then, yes, go get your real estate license now.” Despite the fact that being a real estate agent comes with lots of twist and turns, Biery believes that it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

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