How to Become a Real Estate Agent

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If your dream is becoming a real estate agent, you should be determined to achieve it. The requirements may vary from one country to the other but most are similar or with very slight differences. Becoming a real estate agent in not hard, but it is not easy to become a renowned agent. However all that is required is your hard effort, which means that your life is in your hands and have control over it. It requires individual efforts, patience and excellent services in order to earn the trust of customers. Similar to other careers, there are some necessary factors to be taken into consideration by those willing to join the career.

The following are the American basic requirements that you should meet before qualifying for a real estate agent license:

• First and foremost is to be an American citizen who has attained the age of eighteen years. This is common in most other countries but in others they require twenty-one years of age.

• You should fill a form for applying the state’s real estate license. The forms are available for download online if you open the Real Estate Commission website.

• You should have completed the 40-50 hours courses on pre-licensing within a years’ time, in a registered institution.

• Apply for an exam either online or at an accredited institution and pay the required fee.

• Pass your exam and get your transcripts.

• Before getting your license you are required to pay a minimum fee of 50 dollars for its application.

• Ensure that you pass the background check by submitting your finger prints, after which you are issued with an entity number. Ensure that you renew the process whenever its required

• Ensure that you have a clean record with your state or country lest you be denied a license.

• You are required to have a broker assigned to you in order to receive an active license.

However, having a license is not enough; that is basically to mean that you are carrying out a legal business. As stated earlier, you should only pursue this career if you are passionate about it in order to realize profits out of your deals with clients. The more passionate you are the more you succeed.

Other requirements that will contribute to your success are:

1. It is advisable to pursue a degree course relative to your career which places you at a higher rank compared to your colleagues. However this is not a must for real estate agents.

2. It is necessary that you realize the area that you will majorly deal in, and the most likely types of people you will deal with.

3. Let your broker know that he can rely on you and that you are an intellectual in your work.

4. You are required to work for extra hours and work hard every day if you are willing to be extraordinary. Especially if you are new in this field, it is necessary that you create a niche that people may get to know you.

5. If you are new in the market ensure that you create links with friends within your reach to make them aware. Keep asking neighbors and friends whether they are relocating, or whether they have people in mind who might be willing to move.

6. When choosing a broker be sure to choose wisely. Go for that who is established, known by the people around, one who is trusted and one that you can trust as well.

7. You will need to consult with your broker in most matters when you start your career, therefore your broker should be available for you when you need him.

8. You should earn the trust of your clients and assure them that they can trust you with doing a good job. You can achieve this by being an honest agent, do not give promises that you cannot fulfill, and be timely in your deals.

9. Always remember to renew your license when it expires or about to.

10. You should not be afraid of marketing yourself through business cards, the news papers, word of mouth and all other avenues available. You will incur some costs but the profit will be much more.

Once you get started on your work be optimistic, be ready to take risks and ensure that when you get clients, ensure great work. Don’t be the type of person that is unavailable when called upon, it may ruin your name. The more you deliver quality service to the clients, the more they tell their friends about you and the more you earn.

Join the National Association of Realtors. They hold some meetings throughout the year which if you attend and pay some required fees, you are guaranteed to acquire the status of a realtor, which is an added advantage in your career. When clients realize that you are in association with NAR, they develop confidence and trust in you.

Don’t always wait for jobs to find you, but rather take up the initiative to hustle personally by approaching potential clients and talking over at a restaurant. That way you will find extra clients, more famous and more pay.

What is next after achieving in all those aspects? Find your way to becoming a broker too. With a remarkable influence on clients, and good experience you can rise to the top. Get some more training that is required and work towards achieving your dream.

Do not attempt practicing real estate agency without a license. Even if it were to be processed in a few hours’ time, and you find your first client, it is advisable to wait for it. Otherwise, it may heavily cost you and your new career. In fact you should apply for the license online since it is faster that manual application.That is basically all that is needed for becoming a successful real estate agent. It is very much easy to attain all that if you are determined and know what you want for your life. It is never too late to start on something that you love.

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