How Far Can an AirTag Track?


Apple’s AirTags have revolutionized how we track and locate our belongings with precision. Understanding the range of these smart trackers is crucial for making the most of them in our daily lives. Here’s a detailed look at AirTags and how far they can reach so you’re always in the know.

AirTag Explained


An AirTag is a small, coin-shaped tracking device developed by Apple to help you locate misplaced items. Using Bluetooth technology, an AirTag can connect to nearby Apple devices within the extensive Find My network. When connected, the device transmits its location to the cloud, which you can view on a map through the Find My app.

Factors Determining the Range 


The range of AirTags depends on how you’re trying to locate them. When nearby, AirTags uses Bluetooth to connect to your Apple device. If they’re farther away, the Find My network steps in, using nearby Apple devices to help find them. You don’t need to switch between these methods manually; the device handles it automatically for seamless tracking.

Bluetooth AirTag Range


The Bluetooth range of AirTags is influenced by the presence of a clear line of sight. Obstacles, like walls, can interfere with the connection, reducing the effective range. While Bluetooth connections can generally reach up to 33 feet, typical for Class 2 Bluetooth devices, some users might experience slightly longer distances depending on the environment and placement of the AirTag.  

Ultra-Wide Band and Find My

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If your AirTag is out of Bluetooth range, Find My kicks in to give you a rough idea of where it is, even from far away. Once you’re closer, Bluetooth takes over to pinpoint it precisely. And when you’re near, ultra-wideband jumps in to ensure you find your AirTag exactly, even if Bluetooth is finicky.

Expansive Connection

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If someone with the latest Apple product is near a lost AirTag, it notifies the owner of its exact location. Numerous Apple devices contribute to the Find My network, including iPads, MacBooks, Apple Watches, and iPhones. This advantage is quite significant, and it even helps to track devices in another country.

Limitations of an AirTag


AirTag has limitations, including its reliance on Bluetooth. The range of the Bluetooth is about 10 meters indoors and 30 meters outdoors. It requires other Apple devices nearby for location updates, making it unusable without an iPhone or iPad. Moreover, an internet connection is necessary for tracking, and it does not offer real-time tracking or extended battery life, so regular recharging or battery replacement is needed.


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