House For Sale In Mississippi Has A Shocking $950k Price Tag

front porch with wooden rocking chairs

If you follow real estate trends, putting a house up for sale with a nearly million dollar price tag isn’t something that is unheard of. However, one tiny house in Memphis, Mississippi has local people stunned with its high price tag. The home, which is a relatively small traditional cottage built in 1854, has recently been put on the market with a $95,000 price tag. With three bedrooms and three bathrooms, the home is full of classic characteristics and “lovely period detail” including bevelled glass and hardwood floors. Also, being more than a century old gives the house a certain touch of charm, and it also comes with some pretty impressive history. Famous author, William Faulker, and his family lived right around the corner from the house for nearly 50 years.

The home is also nestled in a quaint and quiet neighborhood with a small town feel. The area also has a very low crime rate, plenty of amenities, and is located near Ole Miss’ campus. However, even with all of those things going for it, the home’s $950,000 listing is still baffling to many. In most cases, a house for sale at this price would very large and or luxurious, and while this home certainly has its appeal – the cost does seem a little unrealistic. While there’s no way to no for sure how long this house will be on the market, there are many people who will be very surprised if it sells for full price. Take a look at the photos of this little cottage in Memphis, Mississippi being sold for $950,000.

beautiful hardwood flooring in house for sale in mississippi cute classic bedroom  vintage bedroom with classic chair dining area with basic wooden table living room with chandelier

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