Five Gorgeous Home Design Projects By LLI Design

Bishopswood - Contemporary Bedroom Suite

Founded ten years ago in 2006, LLI Design is an exceptional interior design company that has quickly risen to the top. The company is based out of Highgate, North London and works with a wide range of projects, from residential to commercial. The company promotes and creates customized interior designs that reflect the personality, lifestyle and aspirations of their clients. Keeping exceptional quality and comfort as their main focus, they create a broad range of designs from country to colorful.

LLI Design is run by director Linda Levine, who has a fashion and textile background, as well as a love and passion for form, texture, and color. Linda Levine and her team have created award winning designs by taking dull, boring, old, and outdated homes and transforming them into modern, exceptional, and stunning homes. This company is unique in that they create a warm, welcoming sense of comfort in every room they touch, without compromising the quality. Their efforts have paid off and they have won the Best Interior Design Private Residence in London award for 2015/2016.

While they have created many gorgeous and exceptional projects, five of these are highlighted below:

1. Bishopswood Kitchen

Bishopswood - Kitchen detail overlooking garden

This modern style kitchen is simple, yet elegant. The island connects the person cooking in the kitchen with the other people in the room. Whether it’s a mom with her children, an after work wine party host with her group of friends that need to wind down, or getting ready for a large family holiday dinner, the long island creates the perfect space to interact with guests while preparing meals and putting the finishes touches on. The oversized glass sliding doors let natural light come flooding in the kitchen, making it brighter and allowing the room to appear much larger than it actually is. The white cabinets compliment the strikingly beautiful white marble countertops, while the black lights and sliding door frame add a contrasting accentuation. The gray underneath the island counter helps to accentuate the bold white color as well, making the island stand out even more. For those dark, gloomy days, the hanging lights and recessed lighting provide more than enough light to make you forget about the gray skies outside. The large, roomy feeling of this kitchen is emphasized with the tall ceilings. This kitchen has a feeling of coziness with an added touch of elegance.

2. Notting Hill living room

Notting Hill - Living Room

This gorgeous living room offers a touch of sophistication blended with comfort. The cool grey couch is inviting, as if asking you to come sit on it. The pale light gray color of the walls perfectly complements the darker gray furnishings and décor. This room is perfectly accentuated without appearing cluttered or over decorated. The large, oversized window allow natural light to flood in and adds character to the room. The use of the beautiful, metallic, shiny mirror adds depth to the room and perfectly accents the colors of the room. A small, perfectly sized coffee table in the center draws the room together, providing a central focal point and adds a feeling of comfort to the room. The fireplace adds a touch of elegance with its darker gray hues and tones, also giving off an inviting tone. This room screams, “Come, sit, relax, and take in the wonderful clam and tranquil ambience”.

3. Pulse modern kitchen


This dining area is full of personality and character. It is not what you would expect in a traditional dining room, and adds a modern twist. The beautifully created table is created from a uniquely shaped piece of wood that adds an aesthetic tone to the room. The dangling balls of light from the ceiling perfectly compliment ad accentuate the large dining table. The contrasting dark colored textured accent wall goes perfectly with the rest of the room, creating a separation of this room from the living room, even though it is one large open space. The room perfectly flows from dining area to kitchen island to living room area. The large floor to ceiling windows provide a stunning view and allow tons of natural light to come bombarding into the room. This is the perfect style if you are looking for a unique, customized look with loads of personality dripping throughout.

4. Bishopswood Dining Room

Bishopswood - Dining Room

This dining room is the complete opposite of the dining room in number 3. This traditional dining room adds just a touch of a modern feel. The textured walls perfectly complement the light wooden floors. The large window allows natural light to flood through and offers a breath-taking view for all dining at the large wooden table. The elegant fireplace adds a feeling of comfort and warmth to the traditional style, while the oversized rug accentuates the inviting presence of the room. To add a bit of a modern twist, the chandelier and sconces have a more modern look that really ties the room together. The cool gray and neutral wall and curtains surrounding the large picture window make the view stand out even more by not taking away from the picturesque view.

5. Contemporary Kitchen


This gorgeous kitchen offers an inviting, warm feeling to all who step into it. The The copper colored lighting offers a traditional, old-fashioned, country feel to the room. The light colors of the island, cabinets and countertops are offset and accentuated with the dark, black, shiny subway tile backsplash. The cool gray of the cabinets make them stand out and pop against the white walls and island. Every piece of this kitchen stands out with its own bit of customized, individualized charm. An added small window adds a bit of natural light, along with a view and breaks up the flow of the kitchen wall. This kitchen has a bit of romance and charm to it added with luxury and style.

Each of the rooms and designs above would look perfect in any home. None of these rooms are generic designs. They are designs you expect to find in a unique home, customized to the core. This is the uniqueness you will find when working with LLI Design. This innovative company creates customized designs that compliment your personality and place of a bit of the essence of who you are in your home.


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