Gorgeous Exclusive Private Residence in Florida by Harwick Homes


Florida is one of the most popular vacation and retirement spots in the United States.  When many places in the country are dealing with harsh winters, the state of Florida is enjoying beach friendly weather. Florida is the country’s third most populous state, and is home to Miami’s extremely well-known South Beach. However, aside from its beautiful atmosphere, Florida is also home to some pretty impressive homes.  Wealthy people from all over the world have been known to build and/or buy lavish houses near the water.  But when most people think of beautiful cities by the water, Naples probably isn’t one of the first to come to mind.  Although Naples is small, it’s extremely wealthy – and as a result, boasts some pretty magnificent homes.  “Estuary Custom 4,” a private residence designed by Harwick Homes, could quite possibly be one of the most fabulous in all of Naples, and that’s definitely not an easy accomplishment.

Harwick Homes works primarily in Naples and according to the company’s website, “we utilize the most current custom home building technology relevant to your project, at the same time providing you with accessible information and communications that keep you involved throughout the entire process. Your vision, coupled with our staffs’ creativity, expert skill and unmitigated dedication to superior client service, is the perfect approach to turning your vision into reality.” The company definitely delivers on their promise with this luxurious home that is beautiful on both the inside an out, and features all the latest and greatest amenities. If you’re interested in seeing how amazing this Naples home actually is, take a look at these photos of the gorgeous exclusive private residence in Florida by Harwick Homes.

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(images via Giovanni Photography/harwickhomes.com)


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