Gate: The First All-In-One Connected Smart Lock


Every home requires a dependable lock for safety and security. This has been the case for many years, and it is just as relevant today. However, technological advancements have changed the way that many people work. Large portions of the population no longer go to an office all day and return home for the night. Instead, people are mobile, multi-tasking, and even connected to work while at home.

This means that locking the front door for 8 hours each day, or coming home to unlock it when needed, is not practical for many people. Smart locks address this issue by connecting a person to their lock remotely, allowing them to lock or unlock the door as needed. Some models can be complimented by cameras and microphones to allow home owners to speak to visitors.

The Gate smart lock goes a step further, by integrating features like a camera and microphone with the smart lock technology. It has the ability to balance security and convenience by combining a deadbolt lock with mobile connectivity and audio-video support in a single unit.


The reason the Gate lock is so appealing is because it is designed to solve problems. The founders were unhappy with how traditional locks meant taking time out of your day to let people in or out, and how other smart locks required several different products to provide enough useful features.

They decided to combine their advanced technological knowledge to address these issues, and make a single lock that includes the most useful smart lock technologies.

The Gate Team

Six individuals came together over the two-year process of creating this product, building off each other’s knowledge and expertise to create a quality lock.

  • Ehsan Saeedi, Ph.D. is the CEO of Gate and one of the cofounders. He was a founding member of the Google X Project
  • Harvey Ho is another cofounder and founding member of Google X. His tasks center on MFG operations and the mechanical design of the lock.
  • Danial Ehyaie Ph.D. is a cofounder as well, and functions as the CTO while also overseeing system architecture
  • Amin Ariana works on the lock’s software, using experience gained while working as a software lead at Google.
  • Mike Kuznetsov is responsible for Gate’s firmware. He was formerly a SW lead at VMware, and has over 15 years of experience in the industry
  • Dariya Smailova handles marketing. Her experience includes acting as the Director of Digital Marketing at MobSoc Digital Agency.

Product History

Gate’s smart lock developed quickly with the combined abilities of the team behind it. It took just over two years from conception to production.

The idea was first conceived and discussed in August, 2014. By December of the same year, the first prototype had been created. Throughout 2015 and 2016, other features were added like the camera and Wi-Fi connectivity.

After teaming up with Box Clever to ensure a professional design, the Gate smart lock will be mass produced in January 2017, with the first shipments going out in March.

3 Products in 1

While other smart lock companies offer similar features as Gate, they often require the purchase of several products, such as a separate camera or keypad. With the Gate smart lock, all of the features a person could ask for are included in the same unit. This includes the traditional key lock, the keypad, and the communications technology of a camera and microphone.

Key Lock

The most traditional type of lock is not lost in the sea of technology in this smart lock. While technology is great for convenience and speed, there is a definite sense of comfort knowing that even with a dead battery, there is a simple way to unlock the door.


Electronic keys are excellent for front doors because they provide not only security, but are more flexible than a physical key. The keypad is able to work with numerous codes, and the codes can be changed at will. Further, the Gate smart lock allows the owner to create temporary passcodes to give to visitors that will allow them to enter the home only when permitted.

These benefits complement the physical key nicely, and are an added security bonus. Giving a key away involves a great deal of trust; the key will work day and night until the lock is changed. With a keypad, not only can temporary passcodes be given, but changing the code is also quick and simple.

Motion Activated Camera

Another excellent complement to the key and keypad is the motion activated camera of the Gate smart lock. When this is activated by a person moving in front of the door, the owner is notified. The camera allows the owner to see the visitor while the microphone allows for a conversation. This is much safer than answering the door in person, and gives a person better comfort in knowing when anyone arrives at the house.


These three features of the lock are optimized by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. This provides control over the lock from anywhere inside or outside the house, as long as the home owner has an Internet connection.

The App

Gate has constructed a free app that allows remote access and control to the smart lock. This is perfect for locking and unlocking the door for deliveries while at work. Even more conveniently, the app allows a person to set a locking and unlocking schedule for the week. If babysitters or other regular guests require access, the app can organize it in advance.

Another feature that is both convenient and safe is the ability to create permanent and temporary passcodes. Instead of giving a neighbor a physical key, this smart lock will allow a person going away for a long weekend to give a passcode that works only for three days.


The lock sends notifications to the app when a person presses the call button or when the motion activated camera senses a person in front of the door. The owner can then answer on the app to see and speak to the visitor. The visitor can hear and speak through the lock as well.

This means there is no effort involved to ensure a secure front door. The lock sends notifications, instead of relying on the person to check the app themselves.


Smart technology is only a benefit when it is powered, so the Gate smart lock has included a battery pack that lasts for up to 4 months on a single charge. Further, the battery packs are easily changed.

As stated above, the battery is essential for the smart technology, but the lock will provide security even with a dead battery because it houses a traditional key lock as well.


– Height: 3 1/2 inches
– Front Radius: 1 2/3 inches
– Front Thickness: 0.9 inches
– Back Thickness: 1 1/2 inches
– Material: Aluminum zinc

Compatible Doors
– Any door with a standard deadbolt
– 1 3/4 inch door thickness
– 2 1/8 inch bore hole diameter

Smart Technology
– Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
– 720p camera
– 2-way audio
– Compatibility: Android/iOS or Windows/Mac
– PIR motion sensor
– Free app


The Gate smart lock is driven by functionality. It was created in order to solve the issues of a traditional key lock while providing the benefits of a smart lock in a single product. It is excellent for anyone who desires a flexible, versatile, and convenient lock that will ensure the security of the home.

With remote access and control, audio-visual capabilities, and both a keypad and physical key, the Gate smart lock is a product that can meet the needs of any home owner.


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