10 Creepy Decorations for a Frightening Halloween Kitchen


Every year on October 31st, the ghosts come out and the ghouls come alive, with houses around the globe glowing with jack o’lanterns and kitchens filled with bubbling cauldrons. Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition, meaning it’s the perfect holiday to let out your spooky side and cover your house with mischievous decorations. Your kitchen is a space where you cook up trouble daily, and the room of the house where your friends and family gather to eat good food, munch on snacks, and just make memories.

For Halloween, your kitchen becomes your magic haven, and the perfect spot to brew your magical potions and concoctions. Looking for some spooky decoration inspiration to light up your kitchen this Halloween? Pull out your broomstick and pour a big bowl full of candy. These 10 creepy decorations will give you the perfect Halloween kitchen (that is oh so frightening, and spooky!)

Halloween Hutch


Give dish cabinets and kitchen hutches the creepy Halloween makeover they deserve with pops of spook and horror. Hang spider webs from either side, put out colorful bowls of candy, or simply add any orange accessories, including plates, bowls, glassware, or general decoration. There are no rules to decorating your Halloween hutch. Basically, anything spooky is a welcomed addition!

Spooky Kitchen Tables


Friends and family come together at the table, so your Halloween dining room or kitchen table display is where all of your decorations take center stage. In love with black and orange, or partial to your own unique color scheme? There is no spooky theme you can’t achieve. Try a Tim Burton themed table, or pay an homage to fall with a Charlie Brown pumpkin theme.

Spider Magnets


Creepy, yet easy. Simply glue plastic spiders or bugs to small magnets to decorate your refrigerator, dishwasher, or stove with some chill-worthy creepy crawlers.

Ceiling Hats


Part witch? Remind friends and family of your magic powers this Halloween by hanging witches hats from the ceiling. Use clear fishing line and tacks to create the illusion that the pointed hats are floating mid-air. Is this Hogwarts? I must have stepped into the wrong house…

Creepy Cauldrons


Handcraft a witches cauldron with a little bit of magic and creativity. No witchy kitchen is complete without a well-used cauldron, so bust yours out this Halloween to fill with cold sodas or punch to serve to thirsty guests.

Skeletons at Work


House full of skeletons? Why yes, I do! Give guests, friends, and family the chills by propping up a skeleton in your kitchen. Put your skeleton hard at work by positioning them to perform household duties, such as cooking on the stove, doing the dishes, or sweeping up that pile of frog eyes you’ve been meaning to get around to…

Monster Knives


Want a creative and simple decoration for your kitchen knives? Simply draw or use printouts to create your favorite monster, then ahem, decorating them with your kitchen knife display. No monsters will be harmed in the making of this decoration.

Ghostly Decor


Looking to repurpose any old wine bottles or mason jars? Spray paint any reusable glassware to look like spooky Halloween monsters or delicious sugary candy corn. Up the flash on any of your creations by adding the use of glitter paint.

Fancy Pumpkins


Tired of dealing with the mess of pumpkin carving, or looking for a change in Halloween scenery? Paint pumpkins in metallic or matte shades to create an eye-catching effect, or use rhinestones and lace to show your fancy side. These flashy gourds can be placed anywhere you need a pop of color, like your kitchen hutch, the top of your refrigerator, or as the perfect addition to your kitchen table centerpiece.

Eerie Dry Ice


Fan of science? Have a little fun with the solid form of carbon dioxide by filling your kitchen sink with dry ice. Dry ice can be an awesome way to create a spooky fog-like effect for that final Halloween kitchen touch. Be sure to read up on dry ice safety however if this is your first time working with it.

Thanks to Big Chill for these amazing ideas!


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