Former Lehman Brothers CEO Expected To Fetch $50 Million for Idaho Estate


Let’s face it, when most people think of Idaho, the first thing (if anything) that comes to mind is probably a potato. While Idaho is a wonderful place, the Midwestern state often goes overlooked and under appreciated. However, contrary to popular belief, everything in Idaho isn’t flat and boring. A multi-million estate that once belonged to former Leham Brothers CEO, Richard Fuld, is slated to be auctioned off on August 19, and could potentially be the most expensive home auction in United States history.  The lavish estate is predicted to bring in somewhere between $30 to $50 million and once you hear what this property has to offer, you’ll see why. With 11 bedrooms, 10.5 bathrooms, and over 9,000 square feet the home has more than enough space for both residents and their guests.

The home also features a beautiful view and plenty of amenities including a three bedroom guest house and a three bedroom caretakers home. Plus, those who love skiing will find that this house has yet another added bonus. According to Laura Brady president of Concierge Auctions, “You’re standing there, and the side of the mountain is sheer on the other side of you. You’re looking straight up at this big ski mountain — but the public slopes are on the other side of it.” Filled with all the things anyone could ever want or need, there’s no doubt that this home will be auctioned off quickly, even with its high price.  Still don’t believe a home this amazing could exist? Check out these beautiful photos.

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Image via Zillow


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