25 Forbidden Places Around the World

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Human curiosity has been the driving force behind exploration for centuries, and yet some places remain tantalizingly out of reach. This list highlights 25 locations, veiled in mystery and secrecy, which are entirely off-limits to the general public. Ranging from high-security vaults holding valuable treasures to sacred religious sites with profound historical significance, each enigmatic location has a unique story that sheds light on the reasons behind their strict access restrictions.

Area 51

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Located in the Nevada desert, Area 51 has sparked countless conspiracy theories about extraterrestrial life. Officially a military testing site, the area’s true purpose remains classified. The airspace above is restricted, and any attempt to approach the perimeter is met with swift military intervention, fueling endless speculation and intrigue.

The Coca-Cola Vault


The formula for Coca-Cola resides in an Atlanta vault, guarded like a state secret. Only a few people know the recipe, a closely protected secret since 1886. This vault symbolizes one of the world’s most famous trade secrets, ensuring that the precise formula for this beloved beverage remains a mystery.

Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant

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In Ethiopia, the Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant claims to house the biblical Ark. According to tradition, only a single monk can guard and view the sacred artifact. This practice has existed for centuries, keeping the Ark shrouded in legend and speculation.

Snake Island

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This island, off the coast of Brazil, is home to thousands of venomous snakes, including the deadly golden lancehead viper. The Brazilian government has deemed the island too dangerous for visitors, restricting access to only select scientists who study the unique serpent population.

Disney Club 33

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It is an exclusive club located within Disneyland. It is reserved for members and their guests. Membership costs can soar into tens of thousands, and a long waiting list exists. Inside, members enjoy fine dining, exclusive events, and a level of luxury not available to regular park-goers.


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The site of the devastating nuclear disaster in 1986 remains hazardous. While limited tours are available, many areas are still off-limits due to dangerous radiation levels. The exclusion zone is a grim reminder of the catastrophe’s impact on the environment and human health.

Google Data Center


Google’s data centers house immense information crucial to the internet giant’s operation. These facilities are fortified with tight security measures, and only authorized personnel are allowed inside. The secrecy ensures the protection of sensitive data and maintains the integrity of global internet services.

Bank of England Vault


The Bank of England Vault is one of the most secure places on Earth. It stores a significant portion of the United Kingdom’s gold reserves. Access is highly restricted, and elaborate security protocols are in place. The vault’s contents remain a closely guarded national asset.

Lascaux Caves


Famed for their prehistoric cave paintings, the Lascaux Caves in France are off-limits to the public to preserve the delicate art. Discovered in 1940, these ancient artworks provide a glimpse into early human history, and strict measures are necessary to protect them from damage.

Moscow Metro-2

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An alleged secret underground metro system in Moscow, Metro-2, reportedly connects government buildings and military facilities. The Russian government neither confirms nor denies its existence, adding to the mystery. If real, this subterranean network remains one of Russia’s best-kept secrets.

Dulce Base

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Situated beneath Archuleta Mesa in New Mexico, Dulce Base is rumored to be a joint human-alien underground facility. Conspiracy theories abound, suggesting experiments and advanced technologies are hidden away here. Despite the lack of evidence, the base continues to fascinate and perplex.



A closed town in Russia, Mezhgorye is believed to serve as a site for strategic nuclear and military operations. Surrounded by mountains and heavily guarded, it is off-limits to outsiders, and activities conducted there remain top-secret.

Vatican Archives


The Vatican Secret Archives house centuries of documents, manuscripts, and correspondences related to the Catholic Church. Access is restricted to qualified scholars with special permission. This repository of historical and religious knowledge is one of the most secretive libraries in the world.

White Gentlemen’s Club

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Established in 1693, White’s is one of London’s oldest and most exclusive gentlemen’s clubs. Membership is highly selective, and the club maintains a strict privacy policy. Only male members of the British aristocracy and elite have traditionally been allowed to join, adding to its air of exclusivity.

Bohemian Grove


Some of the most powerful men in the world gather at Bohemian Grove in California every summer. This private, all-male retreat is known for its secrecy and eccentric rituals. Discussions and decisions made here are kept strictly confidential, away from public scrutiny.

North Sentinel Island

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Home to the Sentinelese, one of the world’s last uncontacted tribes, North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean is fiercely protected. The Indian government has established a no-contact policy to preserve the tribe’s way of life and protect them from diseases. Approaching the island is strictly forbidden.

Diavik Diamond Mine

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The Diavik Diamond Mine is one of the most profitable diamond mines in the world. It is situated in the remote Northwest Territories of Canada. Due to the harsh conditions and the value of the resources, access is limited to authorized personnel. The mine operates under stringent security protocols to prevent unauthorized entry.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault


This vault is located on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, deep within a mountain, which safeguards thousands of varieties of plant seeds. This “doomsday” vault aims to preserve global crop diversity against potential future disasters. Access is limited to select scientists and officials.

Mormon Church Secret Vault

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Hidden within the Granite Mountain in Utah, the Mormon Church Secret Vault stores invaluable genealogical records. The vault is designed to withstand natural and man-made disasters, ensuring the preservation of these important documents. Only authorized church officials and researchers are allowed entry.

Ise Grand Shrine


In Japan, the Ise Grand Shrine is one of the most sacred Shinto shrines dedicated to Amaterasu, the sun goddess. Access is restricted to the shrine’s priests and select members of the Japanese imperial family. The shrine’s inner sanctum remains off-limits to the public, preserving its spiritual purity.

Jiangsu National Security Education Museum

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The Jiangsu National Security Education Museum houses espionage artifacts and documents in China. Entry is restricted to Chinese citizens, keeping the secrets of state espionage activities away from foreign eyes. The museum’s contents reveal the hidden world of intelligence history and tactics.


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An island near Venice, Poveglia has a dark history as a quarantine station and plague hospital. Legend speaks of restless spirits haunting the abandoned buildings. Italian authorities have closed the island to the public, leaving its eerie past shrouded in mystery.

Tomb of Qin Shi Huang


The mausoleum of China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang, remains largely unexcavated. The famous Terracotta Army protects the tomb, and Chinese authorities have prohibited excavation to prevent damage. The secrets of this ancient burial site remain buried, tantalizing historians and archaeologists.

Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center

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It is a top-secret facility in Virginia that serves as a significant hub for emergency government operations. In the event of a national crisis, key government officials would be relocated here. The facility’s operations and capabilities are highly classified, ensuring its readiness for emergencies.

Fort Knox

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Fort Knox in Kentucky is one of the most secure places in the United States, housing a big portion of the nation’s gold reserves. The facility is heavily guarded, and access is restricted to authorized personnel only. Fort Knox’s formidable security measures make it nearly impossible for unauthorized individuals to enter.


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