Ten Great Foods For Healthy Hair

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When you really think about your hair, it’s an expensive accessory. If you’re anything like most women – myself included – you probably spend a significant amount of money on cuts, colors, highlights and conditioning treatments every few weeks at the salon, as well as product to take home and use. You spend a significant amount of time drying it, straightening it or curling it every day. Hair is a big deal, and what most of us forget is that what we eat has a direct effect on our hair. Maybe if we eat some more foods for healthy hair, we won’t have to spend as much money making it perfect.


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Eggs have iron – among other nutrients that are vital to the health of your hair. However, they have iron. Iron is essential for healthy hair because it carries oxygen. By carrying oxygen to their follicles, you can prevent hair loss and even severe damage to your hair. One of the first signs of an iron deficiency might be the severe loss of hair. You’ll notice it in the shower, in your hairbrush and throughout the day, perhaps when you run your fingers through your hair to remove it from your face. If you’re not getting enough iron, eat some eggs, chicken or even beef.


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Most people don’t think to consider to protect their hair from the sun. We might wear big, gorgeous hats to the beach and pool, but it’s not to protect our hair. It’s to make a fashion statement and/or to protect our faces from the sun. However, hair needs just as much protection due to the fact that it’s a part of your body. Walnuts contain a ton of Vitamin E, which works to protect the hair from damage caused by the sun’s ultra violent rays. It’s also protects you from hair loss thanks to its biotin properties.


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This leafy green is great for your hair. It contains so many nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to function correctly that you should find a way to incorporate spinach into your diet at least once a day. It contains beta carotene, which is turned into Vitamin A, Vitamin C, folate and several other things that help promote natural oils and protection. Try making your next salad out of spinach or even including it in an omelet for the most benefit. It makes a great addition to any meal, whether you like it cooked or plain.


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There’s nothing better for your hair than water, and we’re not talking the kind you stand in when you take a shower. Your body is made up mostly of water, which means you need to drink plenty of it to keep your body healthy. Drinking water also helps to keep your hair healthy. The more you drink, the more moisture your hair receives. When your body is healthy, those healthy benefits also help your hair. Ideally, you need to drink 8 eight ounce glasses of water each day for maximum health benefits. Try to do this and see how much healthier your hair becomes.


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It’s always great when something so sweet and delicious is good for your hair. Blueberries contain Vitamin C, which is the best one if you want to get a little picky. What it does is support follicles by promoting blood flow into the scalp. If your hair is breaking easily, it might be because your hair does not have enough Vitamin C. You can add this great nutrient to your diet with more Blueberries and even with strawberries. It’s one of the most delicious nutrients to consume because it’s found in some of everyone’s favorite fruits and foods.


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They’re not just an aphrodisiac. Oysters are also great for your locks. They have zinc, which is great for keeping you from losing your hair. The more zinc you have in your body, the less chance you have of losing your hair. It also has plenty of protein, which is great for hair. Without enough protein, your body does not have the strength to replace hairs that are shed naturally throughout the day, which can cause dry, brittle and thinning hair. It’s not a look any man or woman wants, which is why adding oysters to your diet can help improve your hair’s look.

Greek Yogurt

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If you’re worried about your waistline and your hair, you might want to try to add a bit of low-fat Greek yogurt to your daily diet. Too much of a good thing can cause you to gain a little weight, but it’s so good for your hair. Greek yogurt contains several vitamins, including B5 and D. Both are beneficial to the growth and health of your hair. They keep your hair thick and healthy, help prevent hair loss, and protect your hair from outside factors such as heat damage. It’s important to eat yogurt at least once a day for these benefits.


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Did you know your body needs Omega-3 Fatty Acids to grow hair? Well, it does. And since your body cannot produce those or make those on its own, it’s time to start eating more salmon. This will help your body grow hair, which has two benefits. It will make your hair grow faster – goodbye unfortunate cuts – and it will make your hair thicker and healthier. It will also keep your hair hydrated from the scalp so that you don’t have to worry as much about your hair drying out and becoming brittle or breaking from so much damage.

Sweet Potatoes

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With an abundance of beta carotene, sweet potatoes are great for your locks. Beta carotene does an important job inside your body. It is turned into Vitamin A. Without Vitamin A, your body isn’t strong enough to function. Every cell in your body relies on Vitamin A to work. It can help to produce natural oils, which are used to prevent breakage and dry hair. When your hair is kept nicely moisturized, it’s more likely to stay healthy for the long term. Not enough Vitamin A can produce a bit of dandruff, which is never attractive or comfortable.

Chicken and Turkey

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So it’s not one food, but poultry is great for your hair. It contains many healthy nutrients, including zinc, iron and B vitamins. These work together to keep your hair strong and healthy. They provide your hair with the strength to build your hair so that it’s strong, doesn’t break easily and grows thicker. The women with the lushest, thickest hair are getting plenty of these nutrients, as evidenced by their beautiful locks. These nutrients also help to promote growth, which is great for your hair. Although, you might want to consider laser hair removal on your legs with these nutrients.


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