Five Apps Realtors should be Thankful for in 2016


Technology has become an integrated part of every industry, and the real estate industry is no exception. Realtors can now sell houses faster and with much ease thanks to a host of tech products designed just for them. Although the market is filled with these tech products, some outshine the rest thanks to their efficiency. 2016, in particular, has been an eventful year for the real estate industry’s technological facet. Here is a look at five tech products that every realtor should be thankful for this year.


As a realtor, you should have an intimate knowledge of the neighborhoods hosting your homes. However, busy realtors have a hard time keeping track of their inventory, let alone analyzing neighborhoods. Consequently, these realtors tend to give their customers the wrong information, and this significantly damages their reputation and relationship with past and future clients. However, this is quickly changing thanks to Sitegeist.

Sitegeist has a wide array of uses, but it is so convenient for realtors it seems almost custom built for the real estate industry. This is because it functions as a comprehensive database of everything you need to know about an area. It covers everything from popular nearby places, average age of residents, political contributions, commuting trends, and even average temperature. To this end, realtors can always be up to date on the state of neighborhoods, and they do not have to come off as misleading or dishonest.

Sitegeist is available for both Android and iOS, and it has a neat and easy-to-use interface. What’s even better, this app is absolutely free.


Zillow is quickly becoming the go-to platform for every realtor and customer thanks to the convenience it offers. This platform is multi-purpose, but it shines when it comes to property search; in fact, it is one of the few sites that dominate the search engine when it comes to property searches. In addition to property listings, Zillow also features a host of features that give users a comprehensive overview of the real estate market.

For instance, it features a mortgage calculator and also offers property estimates. More amazingly, this app offers access to apparently hidden inventory, which helps smart realtors to stay on top of the cut-throat competition. Zillow is available on the web as a website, and it also has apps for both Android and iOS platforms. What’s more, it is absolutely free.


Doorsteps is an outstanding app, and every smart realtor definitely has one by now; in fact, the app has been such a success that it was recently acquired by Move Inc. in some sense, it is an app designed for potential home buyers instead of realtors, but it has helped to boost sales all the same. Doorsteps is an app that aims to educate potential home buyers on the process of buying a house. It takes customers through a step-by-step tutorial on how to buy the ideal house, and the lessons are detailed and customized for different markets.

Consequently, customers are able to make better informed decisions, and the confidence that this app instills in them goes a long way in motivating them to purchase a home. For realtors, this app is a great convenience as it saves them the hustle of educating their potential customers. What’s more, the tutorials also have a marketing aspect to them, and they certainly help to boost sales. Besides, customers who use the app are not only enlightened about the home buying process but also tend to be trusting of their realtors as the app nurtures transparency. Doorsteps is available for both Android and Apple platforms, and it goes for only $25 per month.


Writing offers is an integral part of the real estate industry; in fact, some people think of it as the starting point for a successful sale. However, the process is also demanding in terms of time, and most realtors consider it a hustle considering their active lifestyles and all the paperwork involved. Fortunately, Nuoffer is changing all this as it enables realtors to write their offers on the go; realtors can write offers at any time and from anywhere as long as they have access to a tablet.

Nuoffer caters for all your offer writing as data and transaction forms are accessible right from the app. What’s more, the app features a lively design that if both fun and easy to use, and this takes the gloom out of writing even the most detailed offer. And, by saving you the time needed to write an offer, this app enables you to focus on other equally important things.

Nuoffer is available for both Android and Apple tablets, and you can easily buy it from the Google Playstore or the Apple Store. It is the first app of its kind, and it is quickly becoming popular with realtors.


Augmented reality does not get better than with Layar. This app has many uses, but it has been particularly helpful for the real estate industry as it is revolutionizing print marketing. Layar enables realtors to integrate print media with videos, and it seems almost magical at first; the app adds videos and property walkthroughs to print marketing pieces. To this end, print marketing pieces offer potential customers the chance to not only read print marketing pieces but also watch walkthroughs and marketing videos, right from the printed paper! The technology seems sophisticated and futuristic, and it makes marketing fun for both potential customers and realtors.

This technology may seem sophisticated at first, but it has a neat interface that is easy to use; for instance, the app has a drag-and-drop feature that makes it incredibly easy and quickly to add videos and walkthroughs to print marketing pieces. What’s more, it is conveniently affordable as it costs only $60 to integrate videos with print media.

Layar is mostly limited to realtors in the U.S., but its reach is quickly spreading to the global real estate market. Additionally, users have to use an iPhone camera to view the videos or don on a pair of Google Glasses.


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