Five Smart Tables That Do More than Just Host Meals


Looking for a table that does more than just host meals? With all of the smart home and business technology being the rage, furniture is no exception to the excitement. Recent advances in technology equate to smart living room furniture that offer the same processing power and functionality as traditional computers. If you wish to stream movies to your television, control your music, show off holiday photos or play video games, there is an innovation solution to fit your needs. Of course you must have the cash to install such an impressive smart table. The following lists five of the most exciting and multi-functional smart tables that are life-changing:

Mozayo Multi-Touch Table


Mozayo is leading the smart table technology revolution with two models: the M42 Professional Series and the M32. The M42 will run you around $9,600 while the M32 is slightly more affordable coming in at $6,900. The M32 features a 32-inch high definition screen that is nestled under tempered glass. Therefore, you can still have that elegant dinner party and spills will not affect the system. The PulseIR multi-touch technology allows you to control the integrated PC via touch.

In addition to these features, the M32 boasts Wi-Fi, USB ports, Bluetooth and even a wireless keyboard to control your table from the couch. The M42 boasts all of these same features only with a much larger screen. The design of this smart table is to attract while the engineering has been constructed to inspire for creative applications. The Mozayo Multi-Touch table was developed to be more than just a monitor with legs. Instead, its purpose is to be a centerpiece for rich storytelling and digital engagement. Given the price points, both of these options will likely be utilized commercially, however, if you are able to foot the bill, it would be an incredible addition to your living room!

Retro Tech Platinum Table

Platinum Table

Another innovative technology company that boasts a range of smart tables is Retro Tech who produces the Platinum smart table. This is the most affordable solution of all tables on this list. The Platinum Table delivers an entire multimedia experience in an aesthetically-pleasing design that would assimilate to any modern home. Imagine everything you need from your virtual desktop alongside your tea and biscuits from not further than an arm’s length in distance while you are on the couch.

Boasting a 22-inch LCD monitor, wireless keyboard and Logitech touchpad, Intel dual-core processor and Windows-based system, the Platinum can act as the control center for all other connected technologies such as security, audio and video, lighting, televisions, the Internet and any other technology you have around the home. Multi-tasking is simple tasking with the Retro Tech Platinum Table. The price tag on the Platinum version of this pioneering table is $4,500.

Samsung SUR40


This sleek and sexy but highly functional smart table is geared toward business customers who need all of their information on a small footprint table with which they can also eat their sushi. Made by Samsung, the SUR40 utilizes Microsoft’s Surface technology in a much slimmer package. The SUR40 is a combination of Samsung display and Microsoft’s PixelSense tech which allows the table to see without any bulky built-in cameras.

Internally, the system boasts a powerful AMD Athlon II X2 2.9GHz Dual-core processor for quick multitasking. Also, the AMD Radeon HD 6570M graphics card boasts vibrant details and colorful graphics for any application. The 40-inch HD resolution display has the ability to recognize numerous fingers, hands and objects which could also be an excellent option for an interactive retail experience. In addition to this version, there is a Surface SDK available so those who have the time and cash could utilize a customized, incredible, touchscreen smart table. This particular model will run you around $8,400.

Savant ROSIE Touch TV


As an addition to Savant’s wide range of innovative home automation options, the ROSIE Touch TV can be mounted to the wall like a television or affixed into a coffee table. There are currently two models available for purchase: 24-inch and 40-inch options. The display is essentially a giant touchscreen control panel to be linked to your Savant smart home system. You can even host dinner parties on the table due to the tough glass to protect the internal componentry of the system.

As an Apple-based system, you can control audio and video around the entire home due to the integrated iTunes digital media server. Also, you can manage security systems, lighting and other smart home technologies all from the powerful menu on your smart table. At this time, the Savant ROSIE Touch TV is still in development so there is no price tag available.

Surface Tension Arcade


Constructed by British company, Surface Tension, the Arcade is the ideal smart table that offers high technology functionality while still allowing you to eat your steak on top of its glass. This smart table is much different than the others in the list in that it is the top choice product for those who are fans of vintage video games.

The Arcade smart table comes equipped with the Taito Legends packages consisting of Atari Anniversary Edition and Midway Arcade Treasures. These two packages deliver over 100 classic arcade games that can be played using built-in vintage controllers. If you are unable to find your favorite classic game, any MAME-compatible game can be added to the system.

In addition to the vintage gaming functionality, the smart table boasts Windows 7 PC which allows you to share photos, play movies, browse the web and integrate with your SONOS home music system. The cost of this beautiful table is around $5,400.

High technology smart furniture is an emerging market that expected to skyrocket in growth within the coming years. Currently, only the wealthy can afford such big ticket smart technology items due to their high price tags. However, as demand continues to rise and newer and cheaper materials and technology are introduced into the marketplace, smart furniture will certainly become more affordable for the average consumer.

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