Five Smart Refrigerators That Will Give you a Brain Freeze


To most of us, the fridge is just a place to keep our meat and dairy from spoiling, and our drinks cold. Whether you have an older model that’s on its last leg or what you think is the latest and greatest in refrigeration technology, odds are it doesn’t compare to the refrigerators you’re about to see. Sure, no one needs tons of bells and whistles in a fridge, but the right model can make your life a lot more convenient, especially if you like to cook a lot or buy specialty foods. Ever wish your cheese compartment kept out moisture and didn’t get too cold? How about a fridge that allowed you to control the temperature with your smartphone? If you can come up with the cash, you can get one of these five smart refrigerators that are packed with such awesome features.

1. Sub-Zero PRO 48


Let’s get the price out of the way for this first one: $16,615. After you’ve let the sticker shock wear off a bit, read on about why this modern marvel costs so much — you may not be able to afford one without going into some serious debt, but you sure will be tempted.

Sub-Zero’s PRO 48 refrigerator is the ultimate in food preservation. It has the ability to control multiple zones inside, and you can even set humid areas for certain foods. It’s not only stainless steel on the outside, but all over the interior as well. Triple evaporators in the main compartment, tons of freezer storage space, a lots of adjustable drawers are just a few features you’re find inside. You can buy this side by side fridge with or without a glass door. This is the type of refrigerator that’s pretty much a statement piece for the kitchen. If you’re very conscious about how your food is stored, you often buy expensive nibbles that are temperamental about temperature changes, or you want to make sure every single area of your home is well designed, this is the appliance for you.

2. Northland 60 SSG-SGX

Northland 60 SSG-SGX

This is another side by side refrigerator that comes with a huge price tag — about $14,000 — but at least it looks fabulous, is supremely spacious, and is built to last through multiple generations. The Northland 60 SSG-SGX has glass and stainless steel doors, and you’ll have to make sure your kitchen has plenty of room for this one. It won’t fit in the standard fridge spaces carved into most homes and apartments, but if you can afford to get one of these figuring out where to put it shouldn’t be a problem. It comes with 39.3 cubic feet of storage, which includes 15.1 cubic feet of freezer space, an ice maker, and 24.2 cubic feet of fridge storage. The crystal tempered glass allows you to check your inventory at a glance and looks nice, too. The crisper drawers are also clear, and it features high tech temperature controls to keep all of your goodies fresher for a longer time.

3. Meneghini Arredamenti La Cambusa

Meneghine Arredamenti

In case you thought that Sub-Zero’s model has the highest price tag on this list, you’re wrong. That honor belongs to the Meneghini Arredamenti La Cambusa, which costs a whopping $41,000. No, it will not do your floors, cook your food, or tutor your children for that price. However, it will sit in your kitchen and house your food and beverages in what equates to a work of art in the appliance world. It doesn’t look like your standard fridge, and reflects a European design heritage that is sophisticated, chic, and luxurious.

The La Cambusa features oak paneling that can be custom painted in a wide range of colors, as well as three doors. Two of the doors have neat port holes which add more style, but there’s a practical side to this expensive behemoth. If you’d like, you can outfit this fridge with the highest tech coffee maker and microwave you can imagine, and it also has a separate wine and drink storage to keep your milk and sparkling water from meddling with the broccolini and berries.

4. Samsung Chef Collection

Samsung Chef Collection

A fridge made by a tech giant would, unsurprisingly, be filled with neat gadgets and features. Samsung’s Chef Collection refrigerators don’t have an enormous price tag, but they’re still relatively expensive and cost about $5,000. These 36 inch fridges have French doors, four pillar lighting, four doors, flexible zoning, and are Energy Star certified. Ice dispensers and external water dispensers come standard, and this line of appliances also has a sparkling water feature that adds a bubbly touch to your standard tap water.

The exterior of the Chef Collection refrigerator is quite beautiful, and all stainless steel. Inside is an impressive array of drawers, shelves, and adjustable racks. If you’ve ever longed for a fridge that helped you keep organizes, this is the one you should look into. Having four separate doors and four zones for temperature control mean greater food safety and more versatile options when it comes to storing meats, foods like breads and pastries, and normal fridge staples.

5. Marvel Full Size Series M72CSSWS

Marvel Full Size Series M72CSSWS

The Marvel Full Size Series M72CSSWS doesn’t have the fancy exterior features that other fridges on this list sport. It’s outside panel is comprised of stainless steel and has a minimalist design that’s made to fit into any kitchen. After all, the thing is 72 inches, so it needs all the help that it can get fitting into any kitchen space. Still, this fridge has features that would impress any foodie concerned about having top level appliances. The metal framed shelves, specialized storage shelves and bins, twin compressors, and side by side profile all combine to make this an excellent refrigerator that’s the ultimate in durability. It even has a crescent shaped ice maker, high tech cooling system with no bottom or back venting, adjustable LED lighting, and roller base that make every bit of its 48.3 cubic feet of space convenient and efficient. The price tag on this fridge is $11,799. It’s so decked out that’s is not just used in residences, but in smaller commercial kitchens as well.

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