Five Smart Beds that will leave you Breathless


Modern smart beds may have a higher IQ than those who are sleeping on them. If you are searching for a new mattress, that 21st Century bed that you have always dreamed of may now be a reality. Beds are actually becoming as high-tech as televisions, mobile devices and cars, and have as many brands as there are toothpaste and shampoo. Although the most popular mattresses are still constructed from springs, consumers also have a choice of advanced materials like memory foam, latex foam, air, water or gel foam with additions like organic and natural stuffing, pillow-top and other chemical free materials.

Surprisingly, mattress shopping will soon be a lot more complicated but exciting. Each year, the Las Vegas Furniture Market reveals the best in mattress technology. The latest show headlined some of the most intriguing mattresses. The following five smart beds will leave you breathless:

BodiTrak Smart Bed


The BodiTrak Smart Bed confirms to your body instead of forcing your body to conform to it. This smart bed senses your contract pressures and then evenly distributes them for ideal comfort during a night’s sleep, regardless of how often you change positions. The advanced sleep technology is constructed from elastic and breathable Smart Fabric. As you lie down on it, the system is constantly monitoring your body position as well as pressure distribution then adjusts the bed’s air support to ensure maximum comfort.

The BodiTrak Smart Bed is available in all sized beds in quilted or flat-tops panels. The actual mattress features two-inches of gel-infused foam to ensure a cool night’s sleep. Throughout the night, BodiTrak monitors your breathing patterns and respiration rate to help you get the best night’s sleep possible. The BodiTrak Smart Bed Sleep Center tool allows you to adjust the bed using any mobile or Internet-connected device. You can review your sleeping quality at any time using the app or a few clicks on the browser.


Luna Smart Mattress

Although not yet on the market, the Luna smart mattress cover is available for pre-order through the Indiegogo crowdfunding site. Luna is a cover that fits over any sized mattress similar to other mattress covers. However, since the product using smart technology, it tracks your sleep and send the data directly to the Luna app and all other Internet-connected devices around the home. Moreover, the company has signed into contractual partnerships with other home devices for the ultimate streamlined smart home.

The goal of the Luna mattress cover is to automatize your sleeping habits. As more Internet devices are distributed around the United States and world, the more this product will be useful. No surprisingly, there are different viewpoints from men and women on this bed. Men are most interested in the integration with other devices such as the lights, Spotify and Netflix. Women are more interested in the temperature of the bed. Luna listened and added different temperature zone controls to the bed.

ReST Bed

ReST Bed

Deemed as the “world’s first truly smart bed,” the ReST Bed aids in sleeping so that you can perform life at your optimal level tomorrow. One of the key factors of getting a good night’s sleep is support. When you sleep on your back versus your side, the support level changes. The ReST bed automatically adjust the support level for you by sensing your position. The patented pressure-sensing fabric creates an automatic response while tracking sleep data. With the use of ReSTdash, you receive sleep data that you can use to perform you best in the future. The actual bed delivers the benefit of wearable technology without the need for changing any normal routines, wearing a wrist band throughout the night or charging any device.

The ReST bed boasts 2,000 pressure points across a highly-durable Lycra material that is comfortable, breathable and elastic. The bed portion consists of an advanced air system with whisper-quiet air pumps to ensure you do not wake up from the bed adjusting throughout the night. Within the bed are multiple air chambers that allow for a variety of firmness based on different body zones (lumbar, hips, foot, head and shoulders). Additionally, there are two operating modes: automatic, for continuous adjustment and manual, to establish your own comfort level; as well as Wi-Fi connectivity and reporting capabilities.

Sleep Number X12


The Sleep Number x12 is probably the most incredible bed on this list. The X12 boasts a dual-air adjustable mattress system with integrated sleep-monitoring technology. The bed is like Santa Clause, it knows when you are sleeping and knows when you’re awake. It can monitor your heart and breathing rates and even capture data from two different individuals in the bed simultaneously. The information is then sent to an app that provides a sleeping score along with details from the previous night.

To make this mattress even more amazing, there is a Partner Snore button that allows you to slowly raise the head of your partner’s side to eliminate the noise. There is an equipped voice-activated remote control that changes the position of the bed or turns on the lights. Additionally, the bed features under the frame glows that great you if you get up in the middle of the night. Furthermore, there are optional stands with charging stations for all of your mobile devices.

Sleep Number “It Bed”

Sleep Number IT Bed

Dubbed, “The Bed That Knows You,” the Sleep Number It Bed a smart and connect bed designed solely to help you get a better night’s sleep. With biometric sensors build into the bed tracking your entire body hundreds of times per second, this bed is one of the most advanced smart beds on the market. Other features include, heart rate tracking, movement, breathing and SleepIQ technology that delivers personal insights and knowledge allowing you to adjust for your best night’s sleep ever.

Using ActiveComfort technology on each side of the bed, the It Bed lets you and your partner know the best level of comfort, support and firmness on a daily basis. This can also be manually adjusted for extra comfort. SleepIQ technology allows you to connect to cloud services and track every night. The data is then collected and suggestions are made so that anything affecting your sleep can be adjusted for a better night’s sleep tonight. Weather? Early meeting? Best Sleep Number setting? The It Bed knows all of this information due to regular two-way communication with your other devices. All you have to do is lay down and go to sleep.

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