Five of the Safest Cities in Ohio


Ohio is a great state and home to over 11 million people. It has been consistently ranked in the nation’s top five economies. The tax rates here are business friendly while the capital gains rate makes Ohio a top destination for many people who would like to relocate. Today we are going to take a look at the fastest growing cities regarding safety. We all know that Ohio is a proud state, but is it safe? To show how safe it is, we have come up with a list of the most secure cities.

One thing you’ll note is that most of the safest spots are pretty small. This proves that any person looking for a safe place should consider the smaller cities. To compile this report, we took a look at the crime reports. The crimes investigated included murder, robbery, rape, burglary, vehicle theft, theft, and assault. We also considered other factors like education just to give parents ideas on what to expect.

Let’s take this moment to examine the top five cities and why we placed them here:


In case you desire a place that is safe for your stuff, violence free and welcoming, Hudson should be the first city you consider. Any place where crime reports are the least is worth considering when looking for the safest place you can call home. Remember we said violence free? Well, that’s just it. During the 1990s, there were serious problems that needed to be addressed. The goal was threefold: do away with drug abuse, promote the youth to make better choices and encourage the locals to study more.

This campaign helped a lot in shaping the city we are so proud of today. Hudson was even named as one of the best places for the young generation by America’s Promise. This was as a result of their focus on providing the youth with more opportunities and education. Both property and personal crimes went down. The city’s total crime was the second lowest. We found this very impressive.


It’s probably not a surprise to have Solon on this list. To begin with, no rapes or murders were reported, and we only found 26 assaults and four robberies per 100,000 residents. There were other good safety scores other than those we mentioned earlier. The city was ranked the third in lowest property crime. The remarkably low crime rates for a town this size is proof that the residents concentrate on bettering their lives.

Solon is home to The Cleveland Clinic. This is a prestigious clinic offering world-class health care facilities. The clinic runs a health center in the town, and it provides the locals with the best medical services they could dream of having. For those who have children, the Solon City School will get you excited. It is not only one of the highest achieving districts in Ohio, but it also performs well in other avenues like the annual Science Olympiad.

Upper Arlington

If you are worried about your physical safety, you should definitely consider giving Upper Arlington a look. With over 35,000 residents, the city ranks the third lowest in crime. No rapes or murders were reported. The city’s property crime was at 1,377 per 100,000 people. This tells you that the chances of being a crime victim are very low, maybe close to none. Anyone with kids should find Upper Arlington the best place to call home.

A large portion of its population are children aged 16 years and below. With this large youthful population, no one would want the crime rates to be high. Because of the young population, the schools here have placed a considerable emphasis on education. Schools such as the Wickliffe Elementary school, Upper Arlington City School District, and Upper Arlington High school offer quality education to the young ones.


Centerville is situated at the Southwest Ohio. It is home to the biggest collection of houses made of stone in the entire state of Ohio. The Washington-Centerville Public Library is located here. The library is recognized nationally for its public internet access, community programs, and attendance. These three key elements have played a big role in keeping the crime below national averages and contributed to the city’s success.

To prove that this town takes public safety seriously, the Police Department holds a free 12-week course for all the locals interested in public safety. The course is called the Citizens’ Police Academy Course. The residents are taught how to apply the knowledge they learn by creating safer neighborhoods in the entire city. All this community involvement platforms have been successful and are the reason this city made its way to our list. It also shows the power a community has when it comes to its safety.


Did you know that the Appalachian foothills stretch all the way into Southeast Ohio? Did you also know that Athens is nestled in the foothills? Well, now you know. Athens offers its residents and visitors a rich cultural experience including the vibrant music and arts scene. Since the 1970s, this city has taken pride in its progressiveness. This has been manifested in the several intentional communities the city has. The small sustainable organic farms and the support for alternative energy sources are other reasons Athens stands out.

Safety is a priority in this little city. Just like the other cities, no murders were reported in Athens. The crime levels have also been decreasing compared to the previous years. This city has 25 assaults, 34 robberies and four rapes per 100,000 people. All this great statistics prove how safe it compared to other cities.

Additionally, the Ohio University is located in Athens. So, if progressive and liberal college towns are what you like, Athens will meet those needs. Is your home located in a safe city? Feeling safe is a crucial part of being happy despite where you live. It doesn’t matter if your city made it to this list or not. The most important thing is to add extra security to your home so you can have peace of mind.


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