Five Home Decorating Trends You Will Love In 2017

If you are sick of the sight of the same four walls and are ready to make some changes to your living space, check out this guide to the key home decorating trends of 2017. As the famous saying goes, don’t move – improve! With these cute, cool and contemporary home interior ideas, you could have your existing property looking like a magazine showhome in no time at all! From the living room and kitchen to your bedrooms and bathrooms, find ideas to transform every room and give your whole property a new lease of life.

Bohemian Bedrooms

Boho chic is back with a vengeance. 2017’s on-trend bedroom will blend dense materials like wool and linen with the rough look of distressed leather, bamboo and twine. Bright, bold colors and prints should be contrasted with crisp, clear white and neutral tones, while the look is completed with plenty of drapes, wall hangings, rugs and throws. Distinctive wall prints, artistic driftwood pieces and hanging plants will complement this theme perfectly – and best of all, the local flea markets and vintage stalls are filled with the right furniture, art pieces and room fittings to create a perfect budget bohemian look.

Cork Walls

Cork fell out of favour in the home design world, but it is back in a fresh, cool way. Cork tiles are the new way to decorate your walls, providing form and function all at once. “We put cork walls into the last family home we worked on,” says Texan interior designer Marissa McMahon. “Not only did the room look bright and airy, but the pinboard walls are extremely practical in a busy living space.” Cork walls can be used to pin art, memos and other light pieces to the wall. It is easy to wipe clean, doesn’t show marks easily, and can withstand damage. It is effective as insulation, both to keep in heat and to prevent sound leakage – plus, it looks great!

Upholstered Bedheads

Retro trends are big news this year, and one surprising comeback is the traditional upholstered headboard. Once the domain of fussy 1970s bedrooms filled with floral prints and an excess of pink, covered bedheads fell out of favour for several decades. However, beautiful padded feature boards for your bed are back, and they look great. Modern headboards tend to be covered in subtle cotton prints or in sleek neutral shades, and the rule this year is the bigger the better! Big, tall boards that cover the wall, perhaps with a drape behind or around them, are bang on trend this season.

Furry Furniture

Faux fur furniture might seem like a crazy idea, but in reality it is surprisingly comfortable and really quite stylish. This is one of the more unusual trends on our list, but it has been spotted in several of the year’s design shows so far and several A-list celebrities have adopted the trend themselves. To embrace this trend, invest in a good fake fur throw run that you can put across your bed, or onto a sofa or chair. To truly bring the look home, consider a fur-covered sofa or bean bag for your main living room or for your relaxation corner. While it might take a little extra cleaning and maintenance, the luxurious look and feel are well worth the effort. Stick to furs in brown and grey to truly master the year’s furry trend.

Jewel Tones

When it comes to adding color to your property, think royalty and elegance. Deep, rich jewel tones like emerald green and amethyst purple are extremely hot right now – especially when offset with hints of gold, and with jeweled features like lamps and curtain ties. Be careful not to overwhelm a room with these bold colors – break up color blocks into feature walls, and make good use of light from windows with strategic mirror placement. Jewel tones are also impressive when used in combination, so do not be afraid of mixing things up. Go for contrasting shades of ruby and jade, or pair a deep purple with a muted emerald.

Applying home design trends to your own house

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Written by Housely

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