Five Dining Room Styles Perfect for Entertaining

Dining room set up

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, dining room styles are at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds. After all, Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays in the United States, and many people will be welcoming family members from near and far. With that being said, the set up of the dining room is one of the most important aspects to making sure that your holiday goes off without a hitch. While most people tend to fall back on what they know, there are some dining room styles that will be more suitable for serving food and hosting guests. Whether you want to prepare for Thanksgiving, or are just looking for a way to make your dining room more suitable for your needs. These dining room styles will definitely have you seeing your space in a whole new light, and may even make your special meals more enjoyable. Here are five dining room styles perfect for entertaining.

Clean and Classy

Traditional dining room style

For some people, traditional dining room styles are simply the way to go. As the old saying goes ‘if it ain’t broken don’t fix it,’ and this trade and true style has been popular for years. These traditional rooms have close attention to detail combined with intricate carved designs, one of a kind upholstery, bold statement lighting. If you want to achieve a look like this with your own dining room, a little creativity in the right areas will certainly do the trick. Paneling, embellished dining table legs, textured rugs, and an eye-catching chandelier are all components that can help you pull off this classic look.

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modern dining room style

Modern dining room styles have become really popular in recent years, especially for those whose homes have an overall modern look and feel. If there’s one thing modern designs of all kinds have in common it’s the sleek and shiny look. Some of the elements most common with this style are pieces of abstract art, solid colors, and clean lines. While the chandelier may be the focal point in other dining room styles, in this modern masterpiece – the art is what will help bring the room together.

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Rustic and Raw

rustic dining room style

When most people hear the word rustic, they often imagine some old out-of-date cabin in the woods. However, when done right, rustic designs can be beautiful – and they can be exactly what your dining room needs. By incorporating elements of the traditional ideas with textured wooden designs, the rustic look typically features exposed beams, bench style seating, and of course, plenty of plants and flowers.

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cottage dining room style

When it comes to dining room styles, the cottage design is perfect for those who prefer an elegant but low-key look. This style is similar to the traditional design, but is slightly more laid back, and features quiet pops of color. Light patterns are also common with this design, and can help your chairs and table decorations stand out. While some people like to go all-out when it comes to their dining room design, this look proves that you can give your dining room a great look while still keeping things relatively simple.

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trendy dining room style

Long gone are the days of boring dining rooms that people are almost scared to eat in. This trendy design combines the best of both modern and traditional dining room styles, and provides an eye catching result. Aiming for a clean look, this style features minimal accents and small accessories as well as unique statement lightning. Other small touches include soothing colors and crisp window treatments. With a cool style like this, your guests will never want to leave the table.

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