Find Out How Bathroom Tiles Inspired Uber’s New Logo

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If there’s two things you’ve probably never thought about in the same sentence, it’s Uber and bathroom tiles. After all, what could a popular ride sharing service possibly have in common with someone’s bathroom? Well, it looks like the answer is here. Recently, Uber announced that it would be undergoing the rebranding process, and apparently, the company’s new logo was inspired by the bathroom riles of 28-year-old designer, Catherine Ray. Although most people would assume that a major company would take the idea of rebranding much more seriously, sometimes you just have to go with works. Although this form of brainstorming is certainly a little unconventional, the company decided to run with the idea and replace their current “U” logo with one of these bathroom tile inspired designs.

Uber's new logos inspired by bathroom tiles

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If you’re familiar you with Uber, you may be thinking that their original Logo was perfectly fine, and you may be wondering what inspired the change. According to founder and CEO, Travis Kalanick, it’s just time for a change. When the original design was chosen, Kalanick confuses that he “didn’t know any of this stuff,” and wasn’t exactly sure what to look for. However, now as the company is growing and evolving, Kalanick and the rest of his staff believes that it’s time for the brand as a whole to grow and change as well. “There’s an evolution here, for the founder as well as for the company, because really, they’re very connected,” says Kalanick. While many other successful companies have been able to change their logo without too much stress, it certainly isn’t a seamless process. For many Uber users, the change is definitely going to take some getting used to – but it’s highly unlikely that it’s going to stop anyone from calling for rides.

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