Turn Any Residence into a Smart Home with Embue


Advances in technology are permeating every aspect of modern life. We begun with smart phones, smart televisions and a host of apps that create convenience and comfort. The latest innovations center around turning your house into a smart home. Thanks to Embue, it is now possible to control electronic home heating and cooling devices from a single location. It’s a new type of single source property management tool for the multifamily market. It offers property managers a bird’s eye view of the levels efficiency of the properties they’re responsible for monitoring.

What is Embue and how did it start?

Embue is a relatively new startup company that has developed an automated system for monitoring and controlling home heating and cooling systems. The company was established by its founder, President and CEO, Robert Cooper, PhD. He, together with a team of entrepreneurs and engineers set out to develop a way to increase the efficiency and effectiveness apartment management with the implementation of a program that would in essence, create a smart home. The overall goal was to customize the technology used within a building to make it run in a more cost effective manner while increasing the comfort of the occupants and streamlining the entire process to add convenience for property managers and homeowners.

Cooper has been successful in leading other technology teams in establishing new startup businesses and seeing them through to success. His goal with Embue is to increase the comfort and efficiency of buildings and delivering reliable products.

The CTO of Embue, Larry Genovesi is a serial entrepreneur in networks, storage and computing. His background is in HVAC and controls. He also has a family background in building operations and sees his place in Embue administration as an opportunity to combine data analytics and building science with his technology background.

Cheryl Smith is the VP of Business Development for the company. She has experience as a marketing and sales leader. Together with Cooper and Genovesi, she assists in leading the company in the direction of success for reaching targeted audiences with the innovative approach that could save property management companies time and money.

What Embue actually does

Embue provides products and services for multifamily property managers as well as residents. Their reinvention of the way that property management is done addresses the issues of operational and energy waste through their system. In addition their products reduce infrastructural risks and provide the amenities associated with a smart apartment.

The products or devices that control temperature connect to equipment that is connected to a cloud based platform that effectively manages, services and controls each unit that is set up on a per apartment basis. This system also connects to common areas of the building including laundry, recreation and other facilities.

How the system works

Embue thermostats are installed in each apartment or other area within the building. They are connected to the main heating and cooling system and are designed to operate wirelessly. They may be programmed to work within the cloud platform or as a stand alone unit, depending on the needs and preferences of the purchaser.

Embue remotes provide the capability of controlling door locks and thermostats remotely via the use of a smart phone. They can also send alerts when there is a maintenance problem. They are useful in making emergency diagnostics if an occupant lodges a complaint about the temperature of the building. The thermostat is much like a router in assisting with diagnostics to alert managers if there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Some issues can be handled remotely.

Benefits and impacts of Embue products and services

The Embue temperature control system provides analytics and alerts for multifamily property managers so they are aware of what is going on with the system at all times. The system includes a predictive maintenance solution for monitoring of heating and cooling equipment with data related to energy usage. The system is helpful in preventing energy waste in vacant apartments, unhealthy environmental conditions in buildings, damage from burst pipes or excessive moisture or fluctuations in temperature or humidity levels which could cause discomfort or health hazards.

Renters who pay their own utilities benefit because of the increased cost efficiency in the form of lower monthly bills. In addition, their comfort and health are maintained because of built in temperature and humidity sensors which are set to provide alarms when conditions are not optimal. They also detect when residents are away and switch into power saving mode. Any occupant complaints can be quickly addressed remotely to make the needed adjustments for individual comfort. In addition to all of this, the system lets renters know when maintenance staff have been to their apartments. The security system allows maintenance staff to enter one time and the time allowed is limited.

How to access Embue products and services

The Embue company will sell the software and hardware for their one of a kind system through companies which offer heating and cooling services to their local communities. These are not products that will be available on retail shop shelves, at least not in the immediate future. It is the hope of the administration that the networked system will catch on quickly and become recognized for its time and money saving features so don’t look for it at your local hardware store.

Final thoughts

Embue is a new startup that bears watching. Their innovations for smart apartment management have implications that can dramatically improve the way that multifamily buildings are managed. There is a tremendous potential for easing the workload of busy managers while keeping them on top of the environmental conditions and health of the building at all times. Remote control makes it possible to address multiple comfort and safety conditions without the need to drive to the location and make a physical inspection in many cases. This could save a lot of time, money and effort. It is still in its infancy, but the prospectus is good for Embue to become a part of the new wave of technology in real estate management services. It is also applicable for use in private residences, and in commercial business settings.


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