Neighborhood to Watch: El Camino Real, California


Nestled in the foothills of the scenic Sierra Nevada Mountains, Camino, California is a peaceful and beautiful place to live. The area enjoys mild winters and gentle changes of season. It is located between California’s capitol, Sacramento, and South Lake Tahoe. The town originated in the days of the gold rush and grew into a tranquil spot filled with ranches, orchards and farms. Recently, population of this quiet town in central California has seen growth and many consider it the perfect place to live.

Located at 3500 feet above sea level, Camino enjoys snow falls several times during the winter months yet maintains a moderate climate. The area is filled with pine, cedar and Madrona trees and beautiful colorful gardens. The land is also filled with productive orchards and Christmas Tree farms. Views of the snow capped Sierra Nevada Mountains are scenic.

Camino encompasses 2250 square feet of land. Its population is just over 1900 with the average resident 47 years old. The median household income is about $62,000, and the median house cost is about $250,000. While the cost of living is high, this is after all, California. The homes are increasing in value because this is the ideal community to live in, and it seems the popularity will continue to grow.

The city of Camino, California has been rated by several media outlets as a good place to live with a healthy environment and employment opportunities within 25 minutes of the city and a great place to live and telecommute. Camino has recently seen an influx of job growth as well. The crime rate in this peaceful town is low and the public schools are good.

Things to do in Camino

With close proximity to Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, there are plenty of recreational activities to be enjoyed in Camino’s own backyard. From fine dining and shopping to theater and museums to sports events, the surrounding area has it all. Yet, there is plenty to do and enjoy within Camino. The small town vibe of the city is as impressive as its natural scenic beauty. The quaint and charming town is home to good restaurants, shopping and a variety of activities to explore and enjoy. Following are some of the many great things to see and do in the city of Camino, California. From golf and spas to orchard and farm activities to vineyards and wineries, the town is filled with friendly and fun experiences to be had by all.


Camino is home to the champion golf course at Apple Mountain Golf resort. The course runs through paths of pine, cedar and Madrone trees filled with wildlife. While enjoying the golf course, players are treated to views of the snowcapped Sierra Nevada Mountains. The staff is most accommodating and friendly.


For a relaxing experience, enjoy the Time Out Spa. It was named Best Spa in El Dorado County in 2015 by Style Magazine. The gardens at the spa are filled with colorful blooming flowers and near apple orchards. Whether in for a single service, day treatment or overnight treatment, Time Out Spa provides several services and packages to relax and rejuvenate. From manicures, pedicures and facials to massages and signature packages, the staff will treat you to a peaceful time for yourself alone or with a group of friends.


The beautiful town of Camino is nestled in the heartland of central California. It is filled with productive orchards and vineyards to explore and enjoy. Jack Russell Farm Brewery was opened in 1997 by British gentleman, Terry Bonham. The brewery sells popular American craft beer and other favorites. Crystal Basin Cellars is a winery with a fun, laid back atmosphere. Other popular vineyards and wineries include Para Vi Vineyards, Iluminone Winery, Bumfarner Winery, Chateau Davell, Findleton Estate and Winery, and Madrona Vineyard.


There are a lot of fun activities in Camino for the whole family to share. During the holidays, there are several Christmas Tree farms with fun activities for all. Apple Hill is a popular destination for residents and visitors to Camino. In 1951, Floyd Buster retired to Camino and purchased a 10 acre apple tree farm. His sons maintained the farm after Floyd’s death and the productive Apple Hill orchard became a popular destination for apple pickers. Apple Hill has a special Kid’s Inc. program with tons of activities for kids including apple picking and a corn maze.

The Apple Hill area is filled with great activities for fun with the whole family. Mill View Ranch is the best place to find good food and homemade baked goods. There is a pumpkin patch and crafts too. The Green Acres Farmer’s and Seafood Market. Located in the Apple Hill area, visitors to the market enjoy access to local organic produce, flash frozen seafood, drinks, candy, gifts, artwork and more. El Dorado Orchards has a lot to offer for weekend family fun. They host craft fairs and train rides on the weekends. Rainbow Orchards provides a chance to enjoy great baked goods and the best soft serve ice cream.

Final Thoughts

Camino, California is a city that is attractive, charming and close to one of California’s major cities. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills among lush forests and orchards, the town is quaint yet spacious. It is the perfect place to call home. Low crime, good schools and an easy commute to nearby cities for work make it the optimal place to live in central California. What started as an opportunity to find gold in the 1800s became settled as a quite farming community. There is good reason to explore the city of Camino when looking to locate. Enjoy the small town charm amid the scenic beauty of the Sierra Nevada foothills. Camino is sure to be a popular destination for many.


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