Dealpath Streamlines Deal Management for CRE Industry


If you haven’t heard of Dealpath yet, it’s because it is a relatively new company, but we expect that to change. This startup has been making steady progress and it has a lot to offer commercial real estate investors and developers. It features a program that has all of the earmarks of being a useful tool for ushering real estate professionals into the twenty first century with innovative solutions. Here is who they are, what they do and how you can benefit from their products and services

History of Dealpath

The company was established in 2014 with its main headquarters located in San Francisco, California. The Founders are Mike Sroka, Andy Lee and Kentu Wu. They are experts in internet software development, real estate and marketing. As of October 5, 2016 the company had received eight million dollars in round one funding from a total of six investors which shows that they are well connected with access to high level funding sources. Their backers include CRE industry leaders with Bechtel, Milstein, LeFrak, Formation8, Goldcrest Capital and Deep Fork Capital. The confidence of these investors is a green light indicator that lends significant verification of the companies stability and potential.

The founder and CEO, Mike Sroka brings his experience in large real estate management to the development team. His expertise in a large private equity firm led him to spend the past ten years growing and promoting venture backed software companies. He has been successful in his ventures and is continuing with this trend in this leadership of the popular Dealpath software company.

What is DealPath and what do they do?

DealPath offers a platform for the management and collaboration activities that are commonly performed by real estate development and investment teams. With high stakes negotiating and planning, the software had to be precise and effective. The development team worked hard to establish a program that would provide the resources and tools that would assist these professionals in using the information that could simplify their tracking of deals and help them to make faster and better decisions with regard to investments.

A Closer Look

The founders of Dealpath recognized that the commercial real estate industry has a fifteen trillion dollar financial base and that the high stakes transactions which take place daily could be aided with the use of efficient software that had the capacity to provide investors with relevant information about each deal and the transactions involved. It’s much more efficient to have all of the relevant information needed to make a high stakes decision at your fingertips.

The software transforms data that is stored on spreadsheets, on paper checklists, stored away in files and hard to access databases and brings it to the fore. Dealpath has made it possible for deal teams to access all files, communications and tasks in one centralized area that everyone involved can access. Instant search features enable improved collaborations with a secure connection for greater speed and ease of access.

These features have the capacity to minimize the need for administrative assistance and it can cut a few players out of the process while streamlining information access. It cuts down on the time spent searching for relevant data. The inaccuracies which can slow collaborations and negotiations are eliminated because there is less human involvement in presenting the facts.

Additional benefits

There is no need for continual manual updating and service reconciliations because the software is programmed to do a fair percentage of these tasks with precision. This program cuts down on the amount of hard files which are needed during collaborative sessions and beyond. All of the tools and resources which may be needed are made readily available to the people who need them at the time they are required.

Where the company is at now

The platform that Dealpath has established is gaining popularity by successful and respected real estate firms who are impressed with the format. The talent of the Dealpath team truly shines through in the precision of the software that makes a difference for those who choose to use it. There are currently over on hundred firms using the software and the reviews are all favorable so far. it is valued for the ease in which industry professionals can access the required information and manage all aspects of the deals that tehy are currently involved in. Dealpath easily integrates with other popular services including Yardi, Google, Box, Dropbox, Esri and Outlook with a seamless incorporation which helps to cut down on wasted time syncing programs.

In a competitive industry, the Dealpath company has made great strides in offering assistance for sourcing and underwriting, closing and other processes. The platform is very powerful and the interface is seamless which are some of the more impressive aspects of the program.

The future of the Dealpath company

As far as we can tell, the company is currently enjoying a wave of success that is typical for companies managed by Mike Sroka. He’s leading them into an arena that is timely in its appearance in the real estate industry and the popularity of the program has taken wings and is soaring. The projections look good because Dealpath has firmly secured investments with solid investors which have put up the funding to propel them to high levels of success. When you’re a solid company with a leader who has an impressive and proven track record, you’re set up for success. Dealpath has all of the characteristics of a company that is on the move and on the rise. We’re expecting great things from them.

As far as what the future may hold, we know that their current platform is working and there are no indications that changes are needed at this time. We expect that changes in the real estate industry may create the need for alterations in the future, and if past performance is any indicator, Mike Sroka will be on top of any innovative requirements needed. It will be interesting to watch the evolution of this phenomenal new company.


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