CrowdComfort is the Future of Real Estate Management


CrowdComfort is an innovative platform for managing a real estate business.  Their new creation has the potential to save time, money and the hassle of tracking down maintenance problems. CrowdComfort was conceived from the idea that technology could be used to identify issues in workplace and building management. This could potentially reduce the hours spent troubleshooting and leave more time for focusing on aspects of customer service.

It began in 2013 in Boston using crowdsourcing to gather data about the building and any issues that would be relevant for the manager of the facility to investigate for inefficiencies. It is a relatively new program, but the implications for its success are apparent.

What is CrowdComfort?

It is an intuitive reporting system that uses software to track problems that occur within a building or among its occupants. The software allows for the fast generation of incident reports with the capacity for attaching images as needed. The reports may be sent to the manager in charge via smart phone transmission. CrowdComfort is a more efficient method for alerting the right people that there is a problem.

Who is this platform intended for?

CrowdComfort has tremendous benefits for managers in the real estate industry for facility and property management. It can be used by regular staff who monitor issues and report them for inclusion in maintenance and repair dockets. The software turns any smart phone into a report generating device that can be used by anyone.


Extensive tracking and reporting capabilities make CrowdComfort ideal for organizing important information about maintenance and safety issues so it can be acted on in a timely manner. It features a two way communications portal that allows all concerned parties to see work orders which have been placed and to view the status. Managers may input information to keep everybody updated on the status of a situation from a smart phone. A geo map function is built into the system to help pinpoint the physical location of the issue as well as recording pertinent information. A floor plan of the building must first be input into the system to use this feature.

The unique tracking software not only transmits reports in a timely manner, it also documents incidences for later reference. It can give a comercial and residential real estate company a snapshot of which areas of the building are the most problematic. It can point to problem areas that may need closer attention, such as an HVAC system that is malfunctioning.

Fewer delays in reporting

Managers can become aware of issues with heating, cooling, water, electricity and other situations which may need immediate repairs sooner. This makes it easier to arrange for maintenance to ensure that tenants or building occupants are kept comfortable and to keep the building in good repair. The program may be customized to send automatic notifications that will help to make certain that the requests for repairs are sent to the intended recipients in a timely manner. Busy managers who may be out in the field will receive information regardless of their location. There will no longer be delays because the manager was out of the office for the day. The information can be quickly transmitted to maintenance and repair technicians.

CrowdComfort lessens the need for completing paper reports. It cust down on the amount of time and resources that are used. It helps those in charge in managing multiple facilities or properties without losing track of vital news and information. Checklists may also be created to stay on top of routine inspections and maintenance tasks. Property management companies can stay in compliance with fewer missed deadlines for inspections and certifications. The program can be tailored to suit your companies unique needs and processes.

Which devices work with the Crowd Comfort platform?

CrowdComfort does not require any special hardware to operate. It is compatible for use with iOs and Android. It is designed for use with smart phones or tablets for convenience and ease of use. Not a lot of training is required to begin using and making reports with this software. It is a simple download that doesn’t require the user to be a technical genius. Once it is installed on the appropriate devices, it is ready to use for report generation.

Moving into the age of advanced technology

CrowdComfort is the type of program that has the potential for changing the way that real estate managers do business. Managing commercial and residential properties keeps staff busy with troubleshooting building issues that can arise at any time of the day or night. With this new technology, reporting becomes much faster and efficient. With the time that CrowdComfort can save staff, companies may realize an improvement in work flow and greater accomplishments in the workplace. This improvement in reporting and communication will streamline the processes for greater efficiency so there is less effort spent in redundant tasks. Technicians can now go directly to the source of the problem instead of spending hours trying to isolate the problem.

The wave of the future

This may just be the first step in automating the time consuming task of reporting. It’s exciting to consider how this program might evolve over time. As it stands, there is no doubt that it will improve the processes which are currently involved with incident reporting of real estate and property management. Any reduction of labor is a benefit in this fast paced industry. It appears that the time is quickly approaching when pen and paper methods will become outdated and no longer in use. CrowdComfort has great potential for becoming the standard format for which reporting is completed in a variety of different settings. Why use CrowdComfort? Because it can add convenience and cut down the work load of already overloaded staff. It’s a valuable resource that can increase the company’s bottom line.


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