The Five Craziest Items For Sale on Craigslist Modesto


Crazy is a relative term when applying it to the items that others believe to be valuable, but there are some odds and ends that continue to circulate among the general public that are, to most people, oddities that are hard to fathom a real use for. Some might have served a very needed purpose at one time, while others might have been created as novelties and worn out their use before they were off the assembly line.

In any case, those few things listed below have certainly managed to catch the eye of a few people and have since then either become of little use or have waned when it comes to public opinion. In any case, they are among the craziest things still up for sale, or for free, on Craigslist Modesto.

Free vintage standard upright urinal


If you grew up as a boy in the eighties or nineties you likely saw these every time you entered a restroom. They were those fixtures that we took for granted, the receptacles you expected when it was time to answer the call of nature. Still, seeing one for sale on Craigslist, without mentioning the fact that it’s anything but serviceable, seems just a bit, well, odd.

Perhaps if a person were to clean it up, find a suitable wall to run a pipe through, and then affix the urinal to the wall, they might once again have that experience that they’ve been yearning for since boyhood. Barring that, it might be an interesting conversation piece, for a landfill.

Three Stooges Dolls


Oh how the funny do fall. At one point and time having the Three Stooges in the same room was enough to elicit gales of laughter as a result of their violent and often humorous antics. Yet just looking at a picture of these dolls leaves a person to wonder why manufacturers thought that they could replicate that funny feeling with plastic, fabric, and in the case of Curly, a LOT of stuffing.

The Stooges have looked a great deal better in their time. Curly almost looks like a cross between John Candy and Rush Limbaugh, and Moe has a look on his face that speaks of intense dislike or extreme constipation. As for Larry, well, looking at the size of his nose in this form brings to mind something Jim Henson would have created in his Muppet laboratory. The nose on this doll could have had its own skit on a children’s show without including the head it was attached to.

Quick Peek on Sale at Womb’s Window


Plenty of people want to be able to monitor their baby and see how they’re progressing in the womb. But would you really trust a Craigslist ad for such a service? Also, do you really need to know what the inside of a woman’s womb looks like? Not only is this service suspect and just a little crazy, but it is also downright creepy to think that you would want the first picture of your child to come before they’re ever born.

What happened to the good old Sonograms? Wasn’t it enough to know that your child was doing well and progressing as planned? Does the 3D experience really need to be applied to everything? Now to be fair some people really do enjoy this service, but those same people are sometimes known for wrapping the woman’s belly in plaster so they can have a keepsake of her pregnant belly to embarrass their kids with for years to come. It’s all in personal taste of course, but in the matter of this service, perhaps taste isn’t quite the right word.

Halloween mask “Chucky”


As horror icons go, Chucky has always come up a little short. Yes, that was shameless and a horribly overused pun, but in regard to the character in question it seems appropriate and continually needed. Not only have the toys for “Child’s Play” been woefully undersold and largely forgotten by all but the most hardcore horror fans (even they might be headed the other way), but Chucky has for a long time been more of a comedic figure than a respected horror figure. This mask is, well, creepy for certain and crazy for sure.

The only thing crazier than this mask would be the person who actually buys it. Let’s be honest, at this point the mask is only good for adults to laugh at and kids to scream at and later explain to their therapists how mommy or daddy are responsible for their current phobias concerning dolls and homicidal maniacs. Hey, it could happen.

Donald Trump Talking Doll


Just when you thought you’d seen it all. He’s been a successful businessman, entrepreneur, celebrity, host, and has even had a few cameos in film and guest appearances on the WWE. There is no doubt that he is a man of great renown for many reasons, but this one representation, this one depiction leaves me stunned. Who would you give this to? Would it be a prank gift? Would you give it to someone who has an insatiable devotion to Trump? Or maybe you would use it as a means to back the man who might soon be America’s next president. Personally I think I would tie it to a pole in a cornfield and see what the crows make of it.

Now why is this doll crazy? Simple, it’s a tiny Donald Trump, period. The life-size one seems bad enough at times, but now there’s a miniature version that features about as many pre-recorded sayings as the real Trump seems to have at certain moments. Perhaps the best part about the smaller Trump is that if what he’s saying bothers you, it’s always possible to toss him in the deepest, darkest part of the toy trunk and forget about him. Of course, like the real Donald, it’s possible that the doll will re-emerge when you least expect it. It’s likely that Chucky wouldn’t have anything on this doll.



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