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Considering A Downsize? 3 Reasons You May Be Happier In A Smaller Home

While a large home has plenty of space to roam, it might be too much space, especially if you have a small family. At times, it takes more electricity to heat and cool a larger home than it’s really worth. An option is to downsize to a home that’s smaller as there are quite a few benefits.


Overall Maintenance

When you have a large home, it seems like nothing ever gets done because you’re always cleaning. From one room to another, you usually get more walking and exercise during the day taking things to where they belong than you do spending time with the family and sitting down. In a smaller home, you will find that it’s easier to keep clean as there aren’t as many rooms. Even if there are the same number of rooms, if they are close together, then it won’t take as long because they aren’t spread apart by hallways. This means that you spend less of your time and energy making sure the house is clean and more time doing the things that you enjoy.


Moving It All Together

Moving from a larger home to a smaller home often means that you will have to discard some of the furniture and other belongings that you have. This will be a great opportunity to declutter your house and life, creating more open space in your new home. A moving company, like Father & Son Moving & Storage, can help you pack everything into boxes that are easy to transfer and unload everything in the new home. There are sometimes options with moving companies for storage so that you can keep the things that you are attached to without keeping them in the home all the time. An option with the things that you no longer need is to sell them, making money that can be used for food, utilities or even a few special treats that the family can enjoy after moving to the home.



A smaller home is often less expensive. The rent or mortgage is often cheaper, and it doesn’t cost as much to heat and cool the home. Since you aren’t spending as much time cleaning with electrical items, this will help cut back on the electrical use as well. The insurance and taxes will likely be less as well since you aren’t insuring as much space.


A smaller home might not seem like a wise decision if you’re planning on expanding your family, but if you already have the children you plan to have and you don’t need the space in a large home, then downsizing is an ideal option. You’ll save money, and you’ll save energy that can be spent with the family. Consider looking at the items that are in your current home and seeing how they can be downsized so that everyone is comfortable before making a final decision.

Written by Emma Sturgis