Can A Young Stanford MBA Take on Airbnb with HomeSuite?


The San Francisco-based HomeSuite has taken short term rentals / long term vacations to the next level. A level in which securing a 0-3 bedroom, beautifully-furnished home or apartment for a 1 to 12 month stay is literally as simple as booking a hotel online. And unlike Airbnb or any other company in the space, both renters and property owners are fully protected.

HomeSuite retains a broker’s license. This allows them to facilitate the entire process, from top to bottom, online. It also means no more walkthroughs (HomeSuite does that), no countless applications and credit checks (HomeSuite does it once) and no “auditioning” for landlords (HomeSuite does the vetting of both parties). Renters pick a space, book a space and can move in to the space the next day with HomeSuite guaranteeing complete satisfaction.

The company was launched in 2015 by a young, Stanford MBA grad named David Adams. A telecommuter with wanderlust and a desire for experience, he was constantly moving and used services like Airbnb. But when the same problems kept arising he knew that if they were addressed he’d be on to something. Turns out he was right.

In a short time, HomeSuite already has many thousands of beautifully-furnished homes and apartments in their network in seven major market cities; NYC, LA, SF, D.C, Chicago, Boston and Seattle. They will be rolling out in new cities every 45 days or so.

This model most appeals to telecommuters who desire new life experiences, travelers who really want to experience a city and not a hotel by the airport and those either thinking of moving to a new city or want the time to find the right place. Of course, property owners are eating it up and are flocking to the network.

David Adams is big on two things. Life experience and data. HomeSuite is the result.

Written by Housely

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