You Can Now Buy Snow White’s Cottage For $952,000

beautiful cobblestone driveway area

The story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is one that most of us heard countless times growing up. Though most of us have outgrown fairytales, there’s still something magical about the stories that we loved as children. Now, there’s a chance to turn those tales into real life. Snow White’s fairytale cottage in Olalla, WA is officially on the market with an asking price of $925,000. Nestled on 7.5 acres of land, the home was built in the 1970s and greatly resembles the home from the popular story. Although there are currently no pictures available of the inside of the home, it is very likely that the interior spaces are just as magical as the exterior. Take a look at Snow White’s cottage in Olalla, WA.

cottage with cool sloped ceilings

Not only does this property offer a fairytale cottage, but the grounds are also straight from the pages of the story.

structure near snow white's house

Snow White may be a story for children, but this is one property that is sure to attract people of all ages.

side exterior view of snow white's cabin

Lots of slopes and curves give this home a very unique design that is unlike any other home.

cool bridge leading to snow white's cottage

A bridge leading up to the home adds to the magical element of this property.

stone driveway with fountain

A cobblestone driveway and fountain greet guests as soon as they make their way towards the house. As you’d expect, this home has many quirks in its design – one being that there are no square corners. According to Elle Decor, “The original builders cared little for convention, so not a single square corner exists in the place, and hardly anything was built to a standard size. The doors might be the quirkiest (and most adorable) part of the whole package — they’re practically oval-shaped, after all.”

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