Building a Better Bathroom: 5 Tips to a Successful Renovation

The bathroom is an area of the home where everyone will be at some point during the day. You want the room to be as clean as possible, and include features such as a shower and toilet. You want your remodel to give the room a vibrant appearance without spending a lot of time and money. HereĀ are a few ways that you can remodel your bathroom to give it the best outcome.

Start with a Plan

The best way to start a remodeling project is to make a plan. This will ensure that you get the supplies that you need and so that you don’t waste time. Decide what you want from the remodeling project and the budget that you have to work with. Plan out the flooring that you want to use in the bathroom and any changes to the walls early on. This will prevent you from changing your mind when you purchase the supplies needed.

Maintain the Plumbing

To decrease the time spent on the project, don’t move the plumbing any more than is needed. Call in a plumber like Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Inc. or a similar company in your area for detailed remodeling projects that involve changing the faucet, replacing the toilet or removing the tub or shower so that you get all of the pipes connected like they were before. Relocation of major plumbing components can get expensive, so you want to leave them in place, working around them if possible.

Adding Frames

One way to change the look of the bathroom without spending a lot of money is to add a frame around the mirror. It should be a color that blends with the rest of the decorations in the room. Silver or chrome works well in most bathrooms with gold adding a touch of elegance. A frame around the mirror can hide flaking that might be seen from old paint.

Find Salvage Companies

Before remodeling, visit companies that sell salvaged bathroom materials. Some of the items that you can find look like they would cost a good bit of money but are really rather affordable because the company wants to get rid of what’s in the store. You can also find items at flea markets and auctions, especially if you’re remodeling several bathrooms at one time.

Open Shelves

If the bathroom is smaller, then open shelves can give an illusion that there is more space. This is also an idea to use if you aren’t able to build more cabinets into the walls because of renting the home. Baskets can hide personal items on the shelves, and bathroom decorations can add color.

The bathroom can be a challenge when remodeling, but an end result is a relaxing place to take a bath or to get ready for the day. Seek help when it’s needed. Start with a plan before doing anything so that you know exactly what you’re doing with the project and to stay on task.


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