15 Bills You Should Never Put on Autopay

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Autopay is a lifesaver in this fast-paced world, ensuring you never miss a payment. However, financial experts caution against using Autopay for certain expenses due to potential pitfalls that could cost you more in the long run. Here are 15 bills you should consider paying manually.

Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions


Subscriptions to magazines and newspapers often renew automatically, sometimes at higher rates. Autopay can cause you to miss these changes, resulting in unexpected charges. Managing these payments by cash helps you decide if you still want to continue each subscription. It’s also an opportunity to find better deals or switch to digital versions if preferred. 

Annual Payments or Subscriptions

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If you have set up subscriptions or services that need renewal once a year, like a membership with Amazon Prime, streaming, or Costco, don’t set up automatic payments for these expenses. Reviewing each month lets you decide which ones still spark joy. Save yourself from the subscription black hole by paying manually.

Cable and Internet

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It’s not a coincidence how your cable and internet bills double up overnight. Service providers love to sneak in price hikes and random fees, hoping you won’t notice. By avoiding autopay, you’ll be more likely to scrutinize your bill and catch any unexpected increases.

Medical Bills


Billing errors are common, and Autopay can lead to paying more than you owe. It’s important to review each statement for accuracy and ensure insurance has been appropriately applied. Handling medical payments over the counter allows you to set up payment plans if necessary.

Gym Memberships 


Gyms are known for making it hard to cancel memberships. Manually paying keeps you aware of whether you’re using that membership. Avoid those sneaky charges by opting out of Autopay.

Mobile Phone Bills 


Paying close attention to your mobile phone bill can save you from unexpected charges and overage fees. A monthly review lets you dispute any incorrect charges immediately and keep your bill in check by handling it manually.

Rent Payments 


Landlords and property management companies can make mistakes, too. Autopay might mean you overlook an overcharge or a fee you didn’t agree to. Additionally, a missed rent payment due to insufficient funds can lead to big problems if funds are tight. It’s better to control when the rent leaves your account.

Charitable Donations 

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Charities often appreciate regular donations, but Autopay can mean you must remember how much you’re giving. Regularly reviewing your contributions helps you stay within your budget and ensure your money goes where you intend. 


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Water, electricity, gas—essentials, right? But utility bills can fluctuate wildly, especially during extreme weather. A surprise spike could overdraft your account if you’re not careful. Reviewing each bill and adjusting to suit changing prices is better than getting hit with unexpected charges.

Tax Payments

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For those making estimated tax payments or paying taxes due, Autopay can lead to errors when the financial situation changes. Managing these payments helps ensure accuracy based on current income and deductions. It also allows for timely adjustments if there are any changes in tax laws or circumstances.

Retirement Contributions


While Autopay for retirement contributions may seem like a no-brainer, experts advise against it due to potential changes in investment options or contribution limits. By manually assessing your retirement account statements monthly, you can ensure accuracy and adjust your contributions based on your financial goals.

Insurance Premiums

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These premiums can change due to policy adjustments, whether for health, auto, or home. Autopay might lead to missing out on cheaper rates or better coverage options. Regularly reviewing your premiums ensures you get the best deal available. In addition, it offers you a chance to reassess your coverage needs.

Tuition Payments

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Educational expenses, whether for yourself or your children, can vary with additional fees or changes in financial aid. Making these payments the traditional way ensures you’re aware of every charge and can address discrepancies while allowing for better planning and budgeting throughout the academic year.

Mortgage Payments


The mortgage is usually the most significant bill most people face each month, and autopay can feel like a safeguard against late fees. However, it’s wise to double-check this hefty payment before it leaves your account. Adjustments in property taxes or insurance rates can affect your monthly bill, and manual payments ensure you’re always aware of the exact amount being deducted.

Pet Services

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Grooming, pet sitting, and other services are essential, but costs vary. Autopay might mean overpaying during slower months. Manual payment helps you manage these costs effectively and unnecessary expenses, allowing you to question any unfamiliar charges.


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