20 Airbnb Rentals That Will Blow You Away


Airbnb has changed the way that people look for accommodations when they travel. By searching for these spectacular homes on the website, people from all over the world can reserve homes, bed and breakfasts, and other unique places that they would otherwise never be able to find.  The lovely facilities give you the ultimate in luxury and scenery. Located all over the world you will find unique architecture and historic getaway that you could only dream of. Most of the listing are available for longer stays if you will be visiting for more than one night. On Airbnb, there is something to interest just about anyone. These homeowners are proud to showcase their magnificent homes to the public, and they look forward to hosting your vacations getaway. If you haven’t checked out Airbnb, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. These are the most spectacular listings on the Airbnb website.

Headfort House

Headfort House, Ireland

This sprawling manor is located in Kells Meath, Ireland. This ten bedroom, eight bathroom estate is perfect for hosting conferences or lectures. There is a formal ballroom that fits one hundred twenty individuals. The property includes a sports field, swimming pools, a theater, and stables. This lovely estate is available during holidays. It serves as a preparatory school for children ages three through eleven. All of the grounds features are available to guest for use. The location is completely private and located approximately forty-five minutes from Dublin.
This massive estate is going on Airbnb for $1373 per night.


Dairsie Castle

Dairsie Castle

This twelfth century castle has been the home to countless secret meetings and has given refuge to fleeing royalty over many centuries. This magnificent castle sleeps thirteen people and has ensuite bathrooms in most of the bedrooms. The master bedroom features three beds and would be perfect for family use. There is plenty of history surrounding the castle. It has been beautifully kept and is cozy and inviting. The location is very close to St. Andrews and about an hour to Edinburgh. This castle rents for $687 per night.


Aegean Villa

Aegean Island villa, near Athens

This breathtaking villa located in Styria, Greece sleeps eleven and has nine beds and five bathrooms.Located on South Evvia, this secluded getaway has striking views of the Aegean Sea and is very conveniently located near Athens. This location includes six buildings with two dining rooms, two kitchens, and five bathrooms. There is also a spectacular outdoor area featuring a salt water swimming pool, Greek bread over, steam room and sauna, and a patio with a view of the sea. There is also a barn conversion that sleeps up to eight additional guests. This villa rents for $572 nightly.


Schwartz Home

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Schwartz House

This unique home was built in 1938 and was featured in Life magazine for being Frank Lloyd Wright’s embodiment of the perfect home. Located in Two Rivers, WI, this unique piece of history accommodates eight guests. There are four bedrooms and two and one-half bathrooms. The property is located in a small fishing town and has plenty of charm. There is a private dock for fishing and plenty of yard for games. This one of a kind home rents for $425 per night.


English castle Airbnb

Castle In Cumbria, United Kingdom

Built in 1841, this beautiful castle features all of the amazing architecture and design that you would expect from a classic English castle. This sprawling estate features fifteen bedrooms and has evening meals available. The castle can accommodate thirty guests. The property is situated in scenic Northern England. This castle is pet-friendly and available for extended stays. This magnificent castle rents for $193 per night.



Cubehouse in center of Rotterdam

Located in Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands, this marvel of architecture can be yours to rent for the night. There is a three hundred and sixty-three-degree view room for relaxing, as well as all the modern conveniences one could ask for. There are four beds with two bedrooms and one bathroom. This stunning house has three floors and is located next to the train station. There is also a large market located right in front of the house. Amsterdam is a short train ride away. This unique house rents for $155 per night.


Historical Nakagin Capsule Tower

Historic Nakagin Capsule Tower

This historic location was built and designed by Kisho Kurokawa and is located in Japan.  This is an example of the Japanese Metabolism movement that cropped up during the post-WWII years. The guest will not actually be able to stay at the tower but another apartment down the road is where guests may sleep. They are, however, able to visit the tower anytime they wish. The package is meant for two guests but there can be as many as you want. The package rents for $146 per night.


Bing Crosby Home

Palm Springs House

This beautiful home was built in 1934 and was once owned by Bing Crosby. It is situated in what is called The Old Movie Colony. This historic home can host eight people. There are four beds and four bathrooms. There is a spectacular swimming pool and all of the modern conveniences guests could hope for. The property is beautifully landscaped for relaxing outdoors. There is a full wet bar with provided accessories. This large home is 3,200 square feet and has a breathtaking view of the San Jacinto Mountains. This luxury home rents for $675 per night.


Tile House

The Tile House

This one of a kind house is located in Twentynine Palms, California. This unique house sleeps four and has two bedrooms and one bathroom. There is a private courtyard and pet gate access. This fabulous getaway is private and quiet. There is also a pull out bed for an extra guest or a child. This house is made of mosaic of tiles and ceramics. It has a one of a kind design and has all of the modern conveniences including very reliable Wifi. The deck has a fire pit and is great for relaxing in the evening.


Clock Tower Guest Suite

St Pancras Clock Tower Guest Suite

This breathtaking guest suite is a one of a kind opportunity to be able to spend the night in a British clocktower. This guest room is actually a mini apartment complete with an ensuite bathroom and connecting kitchen. This spacious facility is located in St. Pancras Station in London, United Kingdom. The accommodations are for four individuals. There are two beds and one bathroom. This space rents for $206 per night.


Geothermal Cottage

Cottage In Iceland

This lovely cottage is located near Uthlid, Iceland. The architecture and location of this home allows for breathtaking views for a relaxing retreat. The geothermal powered house is located in one of the most popular destinations in Iceland called The Golden Circle. The property is located on an old lava field and was completed in 2010. This cozy getaway cottage features a laundry facility and all modern appliances. There is also a small children’s playground located in the back yard. There is a small extra bed for a child and an area for up to three sleeping bags. The house is kept warm year round by geothermal pipes that run throughout the floor. This lovely space rents for $220 per night.


The Seashell House

Casa Caracol AKA The Seashell House

Located in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, this one of a kind structure is a beautiful and comfortable getaway. The owner and builders of this lovely home will be your hosts. The house offers a beautiful swimming pool and lots of space. There is also WiFi and all of the modern conveniences a guest needs. The house is located near the Cancun International Airport. The outside of the house is designed to look like seashells and is spacious and comfortable. This house rents for $308 per night.


Italian Villa

Villa San Gennariello B&B

This spectacular villa is located in Portici, Campania, Italy. Its luxurious design combines classic architecture with historic antiques. This is an authentic B&B and the owner lives on site to host your getaway. It is located in close proximity to Naples and the Herculaneum and Pompeii excavations. This large facility accommodates up to nine individuals. It is available for single room bookings. The large grounds offer all of the amenities you are going to need plus private bathrooms and WiFi. This lovely villa rents for $69 per night.


Saint Antoine Eiffel Tower

Houseboat/péniche Eiffel Tower

This unique stay over opportunity is too good to pass up. This houseboat is over one hundred years old and is located right under the Eiffel Tower. It has a good bit of space and has a private deck overlooking the Seine river and the Eiffel Tower. The facility features a bunk bed for two people and a private bathroom and shower. There is also a great pedestrian path leading right to the houseboat. This would make for an outstanding romantic getaway. This houseboat rents for $172 per night.



ElquiDomos Astronomic hotel

This breathtaking getaway retreat is located in Paiguano, Coquimbo, Chile. This hotel is only one of a total of seven astronomic hotels in the world. It is comprised of seven geodesic domes and has specific architectural design and features. This property offers amazing views and is centered around the sky and nighttime activities. There are astronomical tours and nighttime horse rides. This is a one of a kind opportunity and this hotel will rent you as space here for $196 per night.


Container Home

Container Home In Spain

This unique home is located in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. Located near Palma, this container home has plenty of windows for great views and light. There is a private barbecue and a small pool. This quiet little home is located ten minutes walking distance from public transportation. This small home is available for two people and has one bathroom. It rents for $160 per night


Glass House

Modern Glass Tree House

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, this lovely house is made from glass in a modern architectural design that is breathtaking. This open floor plan home is located in a mature hardwood forest five minutes outside of Atlanta. It is bright and spacious and has all of the features of any modern day home. This stunning home features space for four guests and is conveniently located. This modern day stunner is available for rent for $500 per night.


Mushroom Dome Cabin

Mushroom Dome Cabin

This geodesic dome home is the the most popular Airbnb listing in the world. It is situated on ten acres and has an array of farm animals to visit with. There is a private deck and this lovely home is situated in the trees. This cabin sleeps two comfortably but arrangements can be made for a baby or an extra adult. This one of a kind cabin rents far in advance. The property is secluded and quiet which makes it such a popular getaway. This cabin can be yours for the night for $115.


Off Grid itHouse

Off Grid itHouse

This home is secluded and provides all of its own utilities. Located in Pioneertown, CA, United States, this home can provide a unique opportunity to experience life from a different perspective. This house has won many awards for its architectural design and is considered a top-notch stay in Southern California. It has all of the modern conveniences a guest could need and is located in a quiet area for peaceful enjoyment. The great home rents for $380 per night.


Secluded Tree House

Secluded Tree house

This one of a kind house is actually resting high above in the trees. It is located right outside of downtown Atlanta, sleeps two, and has one bathroom. This lovely house features the best possible linens and bedding and is very comfortable and spacious. This listing has been featured in magazines and television shows and is on the most wished list on Airbnb. It rents for $350 per night.



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