Bespoke Living Room Design for Bay Windows


Bay windows are an extremely attractive part of a house. They look good with their curving structure, let in plenty of light and even if you don’t have them, you can alter one or two of your current windows and install bays. It doesn’t have to break the bank and you will be making a major enhancement to your property.

Therefore, when you have bay windows you need to think about how you are going to incorporate them into your room design. Bays add a real sense of style to your room so it’s worth taking some time as to how best to make them a feature that will stand out.

Window dressings

You can be as fancy or as plain as you like when looking to dress your windows with curtains, shutters or blinds. The light that bay windows bring in to a room invites nature in too, and the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright always tried to bring as much light as he could into the houses he designed.

With plenty of light comes the need for control of that light. As with any light it depends on the way the windows are facing and the temperatures you expect during different times of the year. It also depends on the size of your windows. Not all bay windows are huge – you can get smaller ones that still make attractive features for your room.

There are three main options from which to choose:

Shapely shutters

Shutters are the ideal way to control your light as well as adding a modern design sense to your windows. What’s great about plantation shutters is that they can be designed to the exact shape and size of your windows, so they will fit perfectly. They are made from many different woods and have a range of finishes that you can decide on so that your room’s colour scheme works in harmony.

In terms of light, plantation shutters have movable slats that allow you to easily control how much or how little light comes into the room. You can decide what atmosphere you want to create and it’s there at your fingertips. Shutters have the added benefit of providing additional insulation to your bay windows if you live in a cooler climate and can help to cut down your energy bills for heating.

Curtains for cover

Curtains are an attractive feature for your bay windows and can make a strong statement as to your design preferences for your room as a whole. The choice of materials and designs is enormous, so you’ll always be able to find something that works with how you want your room to look. Whether it’s cool, natural colors or an intricate design, you can explore this vast range of options. Curtains are easy to hang with rods for each part of the bay and will open up the light when you want or close it completely at night. They are not as flexible as shutters but will always look good.


Another attractive way to cover your windows; blinds are easy to install and simple to operate. They too come in a huge variety of designs and make an appealing feature for bays. If you experience a lot of strong sunlight when the blinds are drawn for protection, beware of fading.

Developing your room design

Bay windows make the perfect backdrop to a seating space. You can plan a seat to fit the window’s dimensions, perhaps with a wooden base on metal feet and with a soft mattress style fitting on top. Accessorize this with some colorful cushions, sit back, and enjoy the light that streams in. You could also make a base that has drawers for storage space, again adding a comfortable top for sitting on.

Artfully placed coffee tables on a carpet whose color helps bring up the windows, a couch and armchairs that match the colour scheme makes for a comfortable ambience that is both relaxing and pleasing to the eye. It’s the simplest lines and colors that make the greatest impact in a room, and the curvature of bay windows makes a significant contribution to that.

Design for yourselves

It’s you house so design what you do inside to suit yourselves. Bay windows are a great starting point for working through exactly how you want to complement them with your furnishings and make a highly attractive addition to your room.


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