10 Practical Bedroom Storage Tips

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Under ideal circumstances, your bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation. However, you are not going to be able to rest and relax if your bedroom is filled with clutter, meaning that you should strive to keep it as neat and organized as possible. In part, your success in this matter will be reliant on you having the space needed to store all of your possessions so that none of it will get in the way.

However, it should be noted that even if your bedroom has insufficient storage space for all of your possessions, there are a number of things that you can do to increase your bedroom storage space as well as make the optimal use of what bedroom storage space is already available to you. In other words, if you are concerned that you will not be able to keep your bedroom neat and organized, you should not give in to despair but instead starting reading up about all of the interesting possibilities available out there.

What Are 10 Bedroom Storage Tips That You Can Use?

1. There Is Space Beneath Your Bed

If you have space beneath your bed, that means that you have potential bedroom storage space beneath your bed. Generally speaking, making use of this space is as simple as buying storage containers and then putting them under your bed, but if you are interested in maximizing the amount of space available to you, you should consider elevating your bed as well. On a related note, if you are concerned about your storage containers been seen, you can either get a storage bed with integrated storage spaces, buy storage containers that will blend in with their surroundings, or buy a longer set of bed skirts.

2. Minimizing the Profile of Clothing

Your clothes are going to take up a lot of your closet. As a result, you want to make sure that your clothes take up as little space as possible so that you will have room for all of it. One particularly simple method is keeping your clothes folded, but it should be noted that there are also more extreme methods such as vacuum-packing clothes that you don’t expect to use for a long while.

3. Install Shelves

There is a lot of vertical space that goes unused in most bedrooms. To make use of that vertical space, you have a simple and straightforward solution in the form of shelves, which can be installed with minimal fuss. Be warned that you want your shelves to blend in with their surroundings, which is why you should choose their colors as well as their styles with care and consideration

4. Buy Double-Duty Furniture

Double-duty furniture is just furniture that can serve more than one purpose. For example, a small storage cabinet can serve as a table as well as a source of extra storage space, thus saving you not just space in your bedroom but also your hard-earned cash. By selecting similar pieces, you can get all of the furniture that you want for your bedroom while also filling it with potential bedroom storage.

5. Use Drawers and Other Dividers

Sometimes, you run out of storage space not because you don’t have enough but because you are not making optimal use of what you have. As a result, you should be making use of drawers and other dividers, which give you a convenient way to organize your possessions, thus ensuring that you can make effective and efficient use of your storage space. Better still, they are also great for helping you find what you need at the moment.

6. Use Containers

On a related note, containers can be used to store things without making a room seem messy and unkempt. For example, if you have some space available on your furniture, consider buying a wicker basket or something similar that can be used to store some of your smaller possessions.

7. Capture Ceiling Space for Use

If you have a wardrobe dresser, you should make sure that it is as tall as possible. This way, you can make use of ceiling space, which would remain outside of your reach under normal circumstances. While accessing ceiling space can be a bit inconvenient, it is a great place to put things that you don’t expect to use for long periods of time.

8. Create an Illusion with Mirrors

More storage space can make a bedroom seem more cramped, which goes against the point of making it neat and organized. For a convenient solution, buy storage space with mirrors on them, which will serve to make a room seem bigger and more spacious by reflecting the light, thus solving two problems with one stroke.

9. Slim Profile Furniture

Furniture for storing things take up room, but it is interesting to note that some examples have slim profiles that can can fit better into smaller spaces. While they might not have much horizontal space, they provide more than enough vertical space to make up for that lack while also making a room seem as spacious as it can be.

10. Use Odd Spaces

Even if you put up as much storage space as possible, chances are good that your bedroom is going to end up with small pockets of emptiness here and there. Use these odd spaces to store small items for the most effective and efficient use of your bedroom, but be careful with what is being put where because you want your bedroom to have a coherent look and theme. Be prepared to experiment a little if you are not satisfied with your initial results.

Further Considerations

Of course, there are other ways to increase your bedroom storage space as well as other ways to optimize your use of your bedroom storage space. As a result, if you find that the bedroom storage tips are not suitable for your needs and circumstances, you should not hesitate to seek out more so that you will have all of the information that you need to keep your bedroom neat and organized.


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