10 Impressive Technological Innovations in Bedroom Design

high Tech Bedroom

Making over a house or apartment can be a difficult task for all. You must find an original idea to customize your living space so that is it more advanced through space-saving ideas, comfort, technology and beauty. While execution of the idea can be completed by paid contractors, coming up with exactly what you want your bedroom to look like is the main challenge. Luckily, there are many impressive technological innovations in bedroom design.

The following is a list of 10 that will give you an excellent springboard into a new design.

Hanging Storage

In small bedrooms, floor space is premium so you must maximize storage in any manner. One recent trend in bedroom design within small apartments is to utilize hanging furniture and storage. This allows you to maximize the space in front of your face leaving room on the floor. Of course you want to strategically lay out the hanging storage so you aren’t banging your head into it on a regular basis.

Install a Chimney

If you have a shared wall between your bedroom and living room, it might be beneficial to install a two-sided chimney that can be loaded with wood from both rooms. This innovative idea will allow you to enjoy a fire in your bedroom or living room while creating enough heat for both rooms. This will decrease your heating bills in the winter and set a romantic ambience in two rooms.


We live in the iPod era which means integrated docking stations around your bedroom are becoming more common. Wireless capabilities can be found everywhere for the television to computer and even the LED panels that control smart homes which also applies to the smart bedroom. The most technologically advanced bedrooms have smartphone and iPod adapters and docking stations strategically-placed to ensure you are always connected, charged and can link up to the television in an instant.

Folding Bedroom

Kenchikukagu Folding Bedroom

Designed and manufactured by Atelier OPA, a Japanese design firm, the Kenchikukagu folding bedroom allows you to cramp all essential furniture into a single urban living space without conceding to poor form or functionality. The folding bedroom features a single bed, storage space and even places to hang your clothes. It all wraps up into a rectangular structure that can be rolled around. There are also office and kitchen designs that are extremely efficient.

Modern Lighting Fixtures

Modern lighting fixtures can easily attract visitor’s attentions and are pleasant to look at when nobody is around. Modern lighting fixtures have transformed into pieces of art that illuminate the room. They can certainly be a talking piece when you have guests. There are an endless number of available designs including chandeliers, floor lamps and table lamps that are innovative and beautiful. Also, many of these fixtures can be connected to your smart home system to turn on and off when you are home or away.

Modern Loft Bed

Most people think that loft beds are only for children and college students. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In actuality, a loft is an innovative method of saving space in an apartment of home thus maximizing the layout. By adding a sophisticated color palette alongside mature décor, a loft bed could visually double the amount of space in your bedroom. You can even place an office underneath the bed to ensure the space is not wasted. It can also be used as a closet or some other storage functionality; the ideas are endless.

Modern Loft Bed

Murphy Bed Space Saver

The Murphy Bed Space Saver is essentially a bed that folds into the wall when it is not being used. Although this idea has been around for ages, modern technology has touched them up with the latest gadgets including automatic closure into the wall via smartphone and lighting within the wall when the bed is open. Like many other advances on this list, the higher end Murphy Beds can be integrated into your smart home system.

Rotating Bedroom Divider

If you want a large television but need to enjoy it in the living room and bedroom, there is no need to purchase two televisions. Instead, make your shared bedroom/living room wall slide-able and rotatable. When you want to watch television in the living room, slide open the door. If you want to continue watching television in your bedroom, slide the door closed, walk into the bedroom, slide the door open and rotate the stand. This is a simple yet innovative solution to needing two televisions within the home.

Suspended Bed

The suspended bed is an interesting concept that also allows you to save on space. As opposed to a pull-out sofa, an excellent alternative is a space-saving suspended bed that is suspended by bars that hand down from the ceiling. The mattress is placed onto a platform that has tall enough railings to ensure you do not fall out. Next to the bed are sturdy stairs for easy access to the sleeping area. While this is not a mainstream idea, as we continue to live in smaller spaces, this could be a trend that really catches on in the future.


Touch-Activated Cabinets

Standard pull-out shelving units are in the process of being revolutionized that allows for better integration and organization in the bedroom and throughout the rest of the home. Touch-activated cabinetry allows you to gain access by only touching the doors. Lighting is also including inside of the cabinets to better control the contents and allow for easier navigation. This is the bedroom closet of the future with improved efficiency and organization.

Technology and advanced design concepts are helping homeowners and apartment dwellers to become more efficient with their space while continuing to have the convenience they have come to expect. Furniture, layouts, artwork, storage and gadgets are just the beginning of the design revolution that is changing the way we think about our bedroom, its functions and its improvements. This list is just the tip of the iceberg with regards to style, design and efficiency. There are numerous other advancements that can help improve your bedroom.

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